Apple Unveils New Accessibility Tools: Eye Tracking and Music Haptics

Apple Announces New Accessibility Features Including Eye Tracking, Music Haptics, and Voice Shortcuts

On May 15, 2024, Apple announced upcoming new accessibility features, set to be released later this year. These enhancements aim to improve the experience for users with disabilities using iPads and iPhones.

Eye Tracking Arrives on iPad and iPhone

Supported by artificial intelligence, eye tracking will allow users to control their devices using only their eyes. This technology is specifically designed for disabled users, offering an easy setup and calibration of the front-facing camera.

The data management and control of this feature are handled locally on the device, ensuring privacy and security.

Music Haptics for an Enhanced Musical Experience

For users with hearing impairments, Music Haptics offers a new way to experience music on the iPhone. Once activated, the touch engine in the iPhone will provide feedback synchronized with the music, creating a tactile representation of beats and textures.

apple new accessibility features

This feature will be available in millions of songs on Apple Music and will also be accessible to developers through an API.

Additional Voice Features

Users will also be able to add custom phrases to Siri to execute shortcuts and complex tasks through Voice Shortcuts. The “Listen for Atypical Speech” function enhances voice recognition capabilities for users with speech impairments, like those affected by cerebral palsy, ALS, or stroke.

This feature builds upon the capabilities introduced in iOS 17 to provide personalized control and accessibility options.

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apple new accessibility features ios

Vehicle Motion Cues to Minimize Motion Sickness

A new feature for iPhone and iPad users, Vehicle Motion Cues, aims to reduce motion sickness by visualizing vehicle movement changes at the screen’s edges. This could help reconcile the visual and vestibular inputs during travel, thereby alleviating discomfort for those sensitive to motion.

CarPlay Enhancements and More

The upcoming CarPlay will include voice control and color adjustments for colorblind users, among other accessibility improvements.

apple carplay new accessibility updates

These tools are designed to help users navigate and control their devices more effectively through voice commands and visual aids.

visionOS to Offer Real-Time Captions

Launching later this year, visionOS will feature system-wide real-time captions to help users with hearing impairments follow conversations and audio in apps.

apple vision os accessibility updates

This update will include compatibility with Made for iPhone hearing devices and cochlear implants.

Other Updates

Enhancements for visually impaired users include new voice options for the Narrator, a flexible volume control rotor, and custom Narrator keyboard shortcuts on Mac.

new accessibility features in ios and macos

For Braille users, new methods for initiating and maintaining Braille screen input will increase control and text editing speed.

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Apple Unveils New Accessibility Tools: Eye Tracking and Music Haptics

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