Apple Wallet to Support Japan ID Cards for First Time Outside US

Apple announces support for Japan’s ID cards in Wallet app, allowing iPhone users to authenticate their identity for various services.

Apple today announced the introduction of ID verification in Japan, marking the first launch outside the US.

Starting next spring, residents in Japan will be able to add their My Number cards (similar to national ID cards) to Apple Wallet on their iPhones. This allows users to handle public proof and access online administrative services via the “My Portal” iOS app as if using a physical card.

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The Japanese Minister of Digital Affairs stated,

“Currently, over 100 million people have applied for My Number cards. These cards are widely used in various government and private online services, available at over 60,000 convenience stores, and even useful in emergencies.”

Apple explained that when the feature is available, users can open Wallet, select their My Number card, double-click the iPhone’s side button, authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID, and then present their ID by holding the iPhone near a contactless ID reader.

Regarding privacy, Apple uses a secure method to add and use ID cards. Information shared by the user is encrypted and stored only on the user’s device. Apple does not have access to the user’s sharing history.

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Apple Wallet to Support Japan ID Cards for First Time Outside US

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