Apple Watch 5 rumours, ceramic may return, Titanium also on the cards!

Is the Apple Watch going to change for better?

The Apple Watch has been the defacto wearable device of choice for users all around the world. The watch is still the highest sold wearable device with market shares beyond all other competitors. The key to this is the fact that how tightly the Apple watch is linked to the whole Apple ecosystem.

Right now Apple has been working really hard in order to make sure that the Apple watch can work independently as well. Early approaches focussed on making the watch more iPhone dependent but in time Apple has come to realize that not everyone has an iPhone and others might need a decent smartwatch as well!

With the latest update of WatchOS Apple has started in the direction of making the Apple Watch more independent.

Apple is going to hold the next iPhone event on September 10 as indicated by current leaks. It’s more than likely that we will get our first look at the Apple Watch 5 there.

New leaks have emerged, let’s discuss them all. 

According to analyst Guo Minghao’s latest report, Apple Watch 5 will continue with an OLED display, and JDI is expected to be a supplier. In addition, Apple Watch 5 will be available in titanium and ceramic case types. In the previous four generations, Apple never used titanium alloy. In the second and third generations, ceramics were used, but they were absent in the fourth generation. It is worth mentioning that for the OLED panel of the future Apple product line, Guo Mingxi believes that LG will participate more, and at the same time, China BOE (BOE) will join in.

Earlier, Guo Dashen predicted that in 2020, Apple will take the lead in applying MicroLED display technology, which is more energy-efficient than OLED and doesn’t suffer from burn-in that easily.

Last year’s Apple Watch 4 offered 40 mm and 44 mm diameter models, were faster, added drop detection, digital ECG function, and a battery life of up to two days.

When running the latest Watch OS 6 beta firmware with Apple Watch Series 4, this animation will be played automatically when the user sets the watch for the first time. The content also mimics the back design of the Apple Watch, which includes the product model, name and iconic “Designed by Apple in California” The product shown is obviously a 44mm Apple Watch.

apple watch 5 intro animation

apple watch 5 titanium and ceramic case leaks

This year’s Apple Watch 5 is expected to come in similar sizes as before as apparent from the latest leaked code.

It is unclear whether the stainless steel casing will be replaced by titanium or whether it will be available to consumers. However, the relatively low-end aluminium watch Apple Watch will be retained.

So guys are you pumped for the Apple Watch 5? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Apple Watch 5 rumours, ceramic may return, Titanium also on the cards!

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