Apple WWDC 2019 preview: A sneak peek at the future!

Lots of unexpected changes, iTunes might go away!

The annual Apple WWDC 2019 Global Developer Conference will be held next week. At this conference, Apple will no longer stick to the business path for the iPhone as its core business. They are expected to enhance the independence of the Apple Watch and iPad while promoting their applications to run across devices.

The upcoming Apple WWDC 2019 will put Apple closer to the future where the iPhone would no longer be the core of other products and services.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other company executives will deliver a keynote speech at the WWDC in San Jose, Calif announcing Apple’s operating system updates and a host of new application features.

According to people familiar with the nitty-gritty, Apple will showcase a new generation of devices and software during the period. The Apple Watch will become more independent of the iPhone. The iPad will add laptop-like features. iOS apps might be able to run on any Apple device. In addition, Apple is expected to bring some new changes in areas such as augmented reality and personal health.

Although Apple WWDC usually focuses on software, the company often releases new hardware devices at the conference. This year, Apple will launch a new Apple Watch or iPhone in the fall. But it has already considered previewing the new Mac Pro at the conference. It might be unexpected but we feel that a lot of new hardware is coming at the WWDC 2019.

More “independent” Apple Watch

When Apple released the Apple Watch in 2015, it was positioned as the next major product after the iPhone. However, the current sales of Apple Watch have not yet reached the level of the iPhone. The major functionality of the watch still depends on the iPhone. Two years ago, Apple added cellular connectivity to the watch. Now the company is expected to update watchOS 6 with software to add more independent features to Apple Watch. This includes adding new apps such as built-in app stores, calculators, and recordings. There might be few more updates as well to stop user’s reliance on an iPhone and make it easy for anyone to become part of the Watch ecosystem.

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iPad designed to replace laptops

For years, Apple has been trying to make the iPad a replacement for laptops. However, many professional users have noticed that although the hardware of the iPad is already powerful enough, the software is still relatively backward. WWDC will showcase new initiatives to bridge this gap. The company plans to improve the home screen and help the iPad meet more computing needs of users by focusing on new features that allow using multiple applications simultaneously. There might also be a new keyboard and case options but we don’t feel too strongly about that!

apple wwdc 2019 preview sneak peek

Unified application strategy

At this year’s WWDC, developers will get a series of new tools to develop iOS apps for Mac laptops and desktops. This will essentially unify the Apple app ecosystem. Last year, Apple launched the iPad version of the news, voice memos, home and stock apps on Mac. It is expected that all applications will eventually be able to run freely on every Apple device. As part of the transition, more basic technologies will also be merged.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith said:

“Transition may take several years, but this is Apple’s best efforts to achieve platform unification. Apple and developers can put more focus on developing a single application, rather than doing repetitive development work to achieve the same functionality.”

New applications

Apple is also ensuring that its core applications meet harmonized standards, and the company is preparing major improvements to reminders and health applications. Along with adjusting their own applications such as maps, information, books, homes, and mail. It also plans to merge “find my iPhone” and “find friends” features into one application.

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Augmented Reality

Since entering the augmented reality field in 2017, Apple has added new augmented reality features to its iPhone and iPad software every year. But before Apple introduces augmented reality glasses, the technology that overlays 3D digital images into the real world is unlikely to succeed. This augmented reality device may require an iPhone to perform some functions. According to people familiar with the issue, the developer version of iOS 13 has already added technology to support future augmented reality devices. Apple seems unlikely to openly discuss this at WWDC, but these moves indicate that the company is accelerating the development of such a device, which may be publicly displayed as early as 2020.

The end of iTunes

For nearly 20 years, iTunes has been the primary way for Apple users to listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, listen to podcasts, and manage devices. This year, Apple is finally ready to enter a new era. Apple introduced three new Mac apps — Music, TV and podcasts — to replace iTunes. This is in line with Apple’s media application strategy on the iPhone and iPad. In the absence of iTunes, users can manage their Apple products through the music app. This move also makes sense as a lot of users don’t rely on the iTunes app any more for their music needs at all.

Apple WWDC 2019: Personal health

Healthcare has become an essential part of many Apple products. This year, in addition to changes in the iPhone’s health applications, the company will also focus on monitoring hearing health. This would include ways such as detecting how much external noise the user is in, and how loud the user’s device or headset is. The company also plans to conduct a more comprehensive menstrual cycle tracking on the iPhone and develop two health applications for Apple Watch: menstrual cycle tracking and birth control reminders. Apple’s mobile devices will also add new sleep modes, and their support for hearing aids will also improve.

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So guys what do you think? Would there be more products or unexpected launches at the Apple WWDC 2019? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Apple WWDC 2019 preview: A sneak peek at the future!

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