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Apple’s going to revolutionize Home Music with HomePod


On Monday night, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference was held in San Jose Convention Centre in front of over 5000 developers, and boy it was big.

Though we had several big announcements coming over from the event, one of the biggest reveals among them was the HomePod, a smart speaker to control your homes using Apple’s Siri. It may sound very similar to Google Home or Amazon Echo on paper, but there are some things which make Apple’s HomePod stand out from the crowd, particularly the speakers.

What is HomePod?

So what’s exactly is homePod, you may ask. Well, we have already seen Google Home and Amazon Echo redefining our lifestyle and the way we interact we, say, our living rooms. They already have million of users all around the world, so how could Apple let go of such an opportunity, when it has, in fact, one of the better ‘intelligent assistance’ in Siri. Until now Siri was confined to iPhones only, but with HomePods, Siri will finally be able to break its ‘shell’ and reach out to our living rooms. All this and more is what Apple’s HomePod is.

Talking about the looks, HomePod is a 7″ tall device, round in shape and looks a little mushy. It has the Apple’s A8 chip and 7 tweeters, which according to the company will make it sound better than all other competitors and other smart speakers. One of the special ability of HomePod is that it can detect its surroundings, namely the size of the room and adjust itself accordingly, including a change in outputs too.

Home Music with HomePod

The most significant feature of HomePod is going to be how it’ll revolutionize the home music scene. According to Schiller, HomePod with Siri will be much like your own personal radio jockey or musicologist whom you can tell what to play when to play and other commands. You can say, ‘Hey Siri, play this’, as simple as that.

Not just that, but Apple plans to improve HomePods to the point that it can be your home assistant too, offering features like Podcasts, weather updates, messages, traffic, sports, and even alarm. For now, Apple is focusing only on music for HomePod, but the possibilities are endless for HomePod.

HomePod will use local sound recognization technique which will be encrypted for safety reasons. As we saw in WWDC, the sound was amazing, clear, and output was filling. Though we didn’t get to see Siri in action as of yet, we won’t be waiting long for that either.


Smart Home speakers are the next big thing in the tech world. Technology is not only limited to our screens only, there are coming to our living room now, and Apple surely won’t like to be left behind. With the HomePod, home music scene will definitely see big changes, we just have to wait to see how much is the impact.

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