ASUS Launches New Prime Series Power Supply in Optional 750W and 850W Configurations

It also sports a black and white colour contrast design!

Today on July 7th we have received news from the reputable source of TechPowerUp that ASUS, the renowned technology company, has released two new power supplies under the Prime series.

These power supplies, the Prime 750 W Gold and 850 W Gold, are being touted as reliable and affordable, offering excellent quality to their users.

According to ASUS, the 750 W and 850 W power supplies are the first of their kind to join the Prime series, providing support for the ATX 3.0 standard. asus prime 850w gold power supply Additionally, they feature a fully modular design, which enhances their flexibility and ease of use. These power supplies also come with an eight-year warranty, which is bound to provide peace of mind to their users.

Moreover, they boast of a native 16-pin 12VHPWR interface, which makes them the ideal choice for users who require high-powered systems.

To add to their impressive list of features, these power supplies come equipped with dual ball bearing fans that are elegantly designed, with one side being black and the other white.

As of now, ASUS has not yet announced the pricing and release date of this line of power supplies. asus 850w power supply prime series It is worth noting that ASUS has previously launched the TUF series of ATX 3.0 power supplies, which have received positive reviews from various sources.

The current price of the 750W model is around INR 11419, while the 850W model costs around INR 13477. It is expected that the Prime line will be priced slightly lower than their TUF counterparts.

There’s no specific timeline as to when these power supply units would be available in India, we will keep you updated with news on the same.

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ASUS Launches New Prime Series Power Supply in Optional 750W and 850W Configurations

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