Audio-Technica ES964 Mic Array Unveiled for Efficient Meetings

Discover Audio-Technica’s ES964 microphone array, featuring dynamic configuration, 360° pickup, and LED status indicators for optimal meeting

Audio-Technica has unveiled the ES964 interface microphone array, designed for small conference settings.

This product, a compact interface microphone array, enhances audio capture and recording in multi-person conference environments.

ES964 interface microphone

Aimed primarily at businesses requiring online meetings, easy installation, or long-term meeting extensions, the ES964 features a single omnidirectional microphone and two bidirectional microphones.

full-pointing nod-head

Users can dynamically adjust the discrete directionality and orientation according to their needs.

achieve 360°

The microphone array seamlessly integrates with mixers like the ATDM-0604a or ATDM-1012, or open architecture DSP systems.

It is capable of achieving 360-degree super cardioid and cardioid pickup patterns to capture every speaker at the table. It also includes touch controls for audio muting or external trigger controls.

Additionally, the microphone is equipped with an LED ring to indicate its status, including power, off, and mute settings.

Key features of the Audio-Technica ES964 include:

  • Compatibility with ATDM series digital smart mixers, allowing for various sound pickup patterns.
  • Multiple concurrent sound capture modes to accommodate different seating arrangements at meetings.
  • Controls are accessible from any position via three touch-sensitive buttons.
  • LED indication with seven color options adaptable to the communication environment.
  • Powered by a 20-52V DC phantom power source.
  • Special shielding technology to protect against radio frequency interference.
  • Sleek design with a diameter of 88mm and height of 22mm.
  • Comes with two RJ45 ports for mixer connections.

Triangle ES964

microphone array

Iron Triangle ES964

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Audio-Technica ES964 Mic Array Unveiled for Efficient Meetings

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