Australia Proposes Law to Criminalize Deepfake Pornography

Australia to introduce new law imposing up to 7 years’ imprisonment for creating and sharing deepfake pornography without consent.

Australia is set to propose a new law that criminalizes the creation and distribution of deepfake pornography, with offenders facing imprisonment.

According to The Guardian, the legislation will be presented to the Australian Federal Parliament this week. The law aims to impose a 6-year prison sentence for sharing deepfake pornographic content and a 7-year sentence for creating such content.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus is expected to introduce the bill on Wednesday. The legislation targets the unauthorized sharing of explicit content created using AI or other digital means, classifying it as a criminal offense.

If enacted, the law would prohibit the sharing of these images on both private and public platforms, regardless of the audience. Dreyfus emphasized the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards this “insidious crime” when announcing the legislation on Saturday.

“Non-consensual distribution of digitally altered explicit content is a deeply harmful and distressing form of abuse. We are aware of its severe impact, particularly on women and girls, who are often the victims of these offensive and damaging acts. Such actions can cause profound and lasting harm to the victims.”

Currently, creating deepfake AI-generated or digitally modified pornographic images is not illegal in Australia. This legislative update seeks to align the law with technological advancements.

Dreyfus also highlighted that causing harm extends beyond the creation of degrading images without consent. Sharing these images is equally damaging.

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Australia Proposes Law to Criminalize Deepfake Pornography

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