GGSIPU Troll series- Part 2

The ggsipu troll series :- Part 2 of our hillarious meme section. Now, who said it was hard to explain ? If you know what I mean!
ggsipu trolls

Seriously, I don’t remember the

Ggsipu Student trolls

Trolls – Students of GGSIPU, Why you no lucky?

trolls ggsipu students

Well, I know each and every fellow student of Ggsipu would agree with me on that. We have to give so many exams

Trolls on the internet

Trolls on the internet : So what are you waiting for, Christmas ? xD

Trolls on the internet

Many trolls on the internet are too widespread. Comment forms, chat forums no places are

Obama wins 2012, AGAIN

Barrack obama wins 2012 again !
obama wins 2012 elections

The race for presidency is over as obama wins 2012 elections and secures another four year term at the White house!

So obama wins

Maths games troll

Maths games troll – And you thought that maths was difficult !!!

Maths games troll


Well from the way I see it, Maths isn’t that difficult. All it needs is .. a little