How to Start a Blog in 2023: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide

Actionable Tips to Getting Started!

If you ever had an idea of starting a Blog then there are chances that most probably you did not start a Blog because of n number of roadblocks that might have stopped you. Hence, your idea stayed as a thought only. There could be many reasons why your idea stayed as a thought.

People want to start a Blog for many reasons but certain thoughts arise in their minds and they decide to halt the plan of starting a Blog. Here are answers to some common questions people have about how to start a blog.

Answers to common questions:

Is it worth starting a blog in 2023?

This is one of the most asked questions. Yes, Blogging is still relevant but like every other online service Blogging has also evolved. You should know what’s happening in the world of Blogging and social media.

Is Blogging hard?

No, Blogging is not hard but it is not easy either. You have to be passionate enough and like what you do otherwise you will quit soon. If you don’t like what you do then you will not be able to deliver quality content. And sooner or later you might face burn or you will quit altogether.

Can I still make money from Blogging? Isn’t Blogging saturated?

Blogging is saturated. If you are still thinking of making money in niches like finance or health, they will most probably already be dominated by big companies. However, there are still niches you can make money. You can either become creative and make enough noise or be a niche expert.

What will be my Blog about?

To answer this question you need to look inside. What can I write or do for people? People use blogs for creative expression, to establish expertise, or to grow their brand. Don’t know what you should do? It is easy, just writing and exploring things only way you can know is by doing not thinking.

Do I need to be Leonardo da Vinci or Steve Jobs?

Nope, you do not need to be creative like Leonardo da Vinci or techie like Steve Jobs. You simply need to hold together and get going. It would be best if you left feeling that I am not good enough or will not be able to stand out.

Almost everything has already been done online, the only way you can stand out is by your personality. So keep going and try to establish a personal brand and voice for your content online.

How can I overcome self-doubt?

You might be thinking if I have to be a personal brand then how will I cover come self-doubt? It is hard in the beginning because we do not have enough confidence. Here the only way you can know is by doing first, never by thinking.

A hands-on approach will always benefit you in a case like this. Doubts you have in your mind are thoughts, you are not your thoughts. There will be many people who will like reading you and resonate with your authentic self.

Will AI replace writers?

Haha, good question but you need to see AI as an assistant. AI is not conscious, it is based on statistics and probabilistic models. AI cannot generate human reasoned ideas and engage with people like a person. But maybe in the near future, AI might become even better. 

People will always prefer human writing over AI writing. The profession of a writer is not going anywhere, especially a good copywriter who will always be in demand. But as models like Chat GPT etc. become better the future is still a bit hazy.

Should I use a free platform?

Ideally, you should avoid a free platform and have complete control of your website. When you have full control of the website you can adjust and customize it according to the audience or your needs.

Let’s go ahead and learn the steps to starting a blog.

Choosing the niche:


You will be spending most of the time writing and working on the blog. So, ask yourself do I see myself doing this in my free time and will I enjoy this in the long run? If you are starting a blog for fun then do what interests you.

But if you are starting Blogging for monetary purposes which most people do then you should also consider choosing a niche that makes money. Whatever you are writing will not necessarily make you money initially. That is why you should refer to the Japanese Ikigai concept as shown in the image above.

Picking platform for the blog:

It is recommended that you pick the self-hosted WordPress site. This way you will have full control over your website. is the world’s most popular website builder. It is open-source software, free to download and use.

There are several reasons people use WordPress. It is easy to use even for non-tech people and SEO-friendly with Endless design options.

The WordPress community is huge and people have created many resources and plugins that make it flexible enough for various kinds of sites such as e-commerce. Most importantly WordPress is safe and secure.

The technical fundamentals:

It is true that WordPress is easy to use but your technical fundamentals should be clear before you start blogging. You need to have a rough idea about Web hosting, Domain, and SEO-related things.

Content Strategy for your blog:

You will need a content strategy to achieve your business goals. Clickbait titles or Pumping a lot of posts will simply not work. Start with defining your goals, What is my aim here? Who will read my content? What Problem will I be solving?

After you define your goals, multi-channel your blogging efforts. You have to start taking advantage of other platforms as well. Start including sites like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in your content creation strategy. You can thrive on these platforms by generating leads for your Blog.

Monetizing the blog:

Once your blog starts getting visitors, you can monetize the blog in various ways. The most popular ways are Affiliate Marketing, building an email list, and Google Adsense. If you are an expert in your niche then you can also start selling courses or ebooks.

Here’s our how-to-make-money online guide if you are just starting out. 

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How to Start a Blog in 2023: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide

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