Top 10 Best Android Launchers for 2023

Our 10 Best Picks for the Need of Every Individual!

Android’s main advantage lies in its customization and open platform. We get tired of using the same UI and theme every now and then. Launchers are the sure-shot way to express your customization to your heart’s content. Every launcher tries to fulfil the needs of different sets of users. These are our top 10 picks in no specific order with every need.

Best Android Launchers for Users in 2023

    1. Lawnchair 2 Launcher

      Image of lawnchair launcher
      Lawnchair 2 is an open-source project for fans of minimalism and a lightweight clean user interface. It is based on the all-time favourite pixel launcher with added customizability. Lawnchair has Integration with Android Recents and “lawnfeed” plugin that allows you to integrate with Google Feed and Homefeeder and also allows Integration with Android Recents.

      Its other features are Adaptive Icons, the ability to customize Dock and Drawer, and Notification Dots. Lawnchair 2 is the best option for anyone looking for a  minimalistic open-source launcher that won’t collect data.

    2. Nova Launcher

      photos of nova launcher
      With over 50 million+ download Nova Launcher is the most popular choice among users. Its customizable UI lets you control your home screen, app drawer, dock and folders. Nova Launcher is highly optimized with fast and fluid animation or skip animation options. Its most noticeable feature is the speed of its operation. It also works well with older devices.

      Night mode and dark theme, subgrid positioning, backup and restore are its other features. Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version which unlocks Gestures, App drawer groups, hide apps, scrolling effects, unread counts, and other stuff.  

    3. AIO Launcher

      AIO launcher screenshots
      AIO Launcher is unique as it’s not your traditional launcher. It does not have icons or fancy animations rather it has a single-screen layout that displays everything.

      Almost everything in the interface is customizable. It has 20 different built-in widgets that display a variety of information. In addition, additionally, you can add more widgets using plugins.

    4. Niagara Launcher

      niagara launcher screenshots
      Made by Peter Huber, the Niagara launcher is designed to be minimalist and ergonomic, efficient. It is one of the launchers that gained popularity recently. It brought innovation and new ideas to the table.

      Its streamlined and minimalist design is made to declutter the home screen, reduce distractions and make you stay focused. It is lightweight & lightning fast with just a few megabytes in size and living up to its minimalist promise, it gives no ads on the free version.

    5. Action Launcher Pixel Edition

      Screenshots of action launcher for blog post
      If you are looking for a pixel-styled stock launcher experience then the action launcher is the best pick. It’s fast and smooth and it also offers Material You-style colour extraction from your wallpaper. It comes with all the customizations & time-saving innovations. You can also import layouts from your existing layouts from other launchers so you don’t miss your home setup.

    6. Ruthless Launcher

      Ruthless launcher screenshots for post
      Ruthless Launcher is based on Amir Zaidi’s Shade Launcher. If you prefer something simple, polished and stable then this is for you. The Ruthless launcher is lightweight and bug-free for those who don’t like much hassle. It might become your go-to launcher for daily use.

    7. Microsoft Launcher

      Microsoft launcher screenshot for blog post
      Microsoft is associated with Windows but it makes sense to try Microsoft Launcher. It is specifically made for productivity and to organise everything on your phone. It has a personalised news feed calendar, to-do lists and all-time classic sticky notes.
      It is worth a try for those who work on Windows as it allows you to access Microsoft apps and services on your Android phone.

    8. KISS Launcher

      Why KISS Launcher stands out amongst all the launchers here? It is just 250 KB and never connects to the Internet. Your data stays on the device, saving battery life and speeding up your device compared to other complex and bloated launchers.

      It is open-sourced and licenced with GPLv3+ copylefted libre software, everyone can use, see, change and share at will, with all. It is certainly the best choice for the privacy enthusiasts.

    9. Stario Launcher

      Stario launcher screenshot
      Stario Launcher is another lesser-known simple launcher. It maintains efficiency and productivity in a straightforward and elegant manner. Another advantage of using Stario Launcher is privacy, it fully respects your privacy. This can be ascertained by the fact that it does not collect personal data or app usage data.

    10. Pear Launcher

      pear launcher screenshot
      Pear launcher is an open-source project developed by Yajat Kumar. It is a simple feature-packed launcher that rivals many launchers on the list. It has a simple UI, small size, fewer permissions than most, and no internet required making it a worthy choice.

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Top 10 Best Android Launchers for 2023

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