Best Premium WordPress Themes : Famethemes Review

Blogging is built on a solid foundation of content, SEO, speed, and above all design. Design matters, do you know why? Because I, you, or any other person won’t be spending hours of their time on Facebook if it had a poor design. Design is something that ensures whether a user will return to your blog again and again or not.

The first visit is crucial, a design with proper white spaces, legible fonts, and images in the right places makes the blog more user-friendly. For those using WordPress things become a lot easier.

Because of a wide array of themes available at your disposal. But getting a good theme that makes your eyes turn is a plus point. So today we share with you the best premium WordPress themes.

And by Toan Nguyen Minh does exactly the same. The collection though not too big, will suffice even for the power user’s needs. So, let’s delve deep into the features offered by themes offered by

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2013: Famethemes collection at a glance. has themes for different niches in bright and clear colors. It has Enpine – Magazine style theme which can be used on blogs too.

The Codilight theme, which is even used by and is suitable for both blog style and magazine style layout is one of the favorites.

Beandot is a blogging theme with ample white spaces for readability.  Amzola has a unique design and a scroll that works horizontally and is amazing for news and gaming sites.

Wentasi is a Tumblr-like theme for those who want to run an image site or host a social image blog. They have also released a new theme Inspirin which is a theme with two sidebars and is good for blog usage.

Here are the screenshots of the best premium WordPress themes by Famethemes :

best premium wordpress themes famethemes review enpine
Best premium WordPress themes fame themes review : Enpine


Best premium WordPress themes famethemes review : Beandot
Best premium WordPress themes fame themes review : Beandot
Best premium WordPress themes famethemes review : Wentasi
Best premium WordPress themes famethemes review : Wentasi
Best premium WordPress themes famethemes review : Amzola
Best premium WordPress themes famethemes review : Amzola

1.) Great Design Aesthetics and Responsive nature :

Every theme at Famethemes is designed with beauty, form, and function in mind. The themes are all retina ready i.e. can even display nicely on retina displays.

The responsive design ensures that it displays well on both high-res and low-res displays. The themes adjust themselves to the screen size and depending on that the elements adjust themselves accordingly.

2.) Best Premium WordPress Themes – Beautiful typography by Famethemes :

The themes have really beautiful fonts. There are clear, render well across browsers and are easily readable.

3.) SEO Optimized to the core, cross-browser compliant :

We have been using the Codilight theme by since 29th March 2013. And needless to say, all good things have happened since then only. We ranked consistently for all the posts we wrote. Readers came and stayed.

It really is designed keeping SEO in mind. The titles and on-page factors are all perfect. The themes have inbuilt support for displaying Author profiles. Authorship markup and rich snippets are also properly implemented in all the themes.

The themes run well across all browsers. Always people have problems trying to make their websites render properly in IE and its previous versions. But the themes provided by them take much care of cross-browser compliance.
The themes have features like breadcrumbs and related posts by default, thereby saving you the hassle of unnecessary plugins.

4.) Best Premium WordPress Themes – Premium Level Support :

24×7 support via a support ticket on the website and other social channels is a plus point. You can mail them to get in touch. You can follow the developer himself on Facebook. The support is so good that they will support you even if you haven’t bought their themes.
Lol, just kidding! You got to buy their themes to really understand the beauty of their support. Needless to say, I still get constant design inputs from the developer of the theme.

5.) Economic pricing and ease of use :

The themes all start from a base price of $29 for a single theme, it’s a lifetime license with access to lifetime updates. The VIP subscription costs 49$ per year.

But it is the best bet. Because it allows you to have access to all themes, premium support as well regular updates to all the themes. And if you use a coupon code you can get $5 off on any package. ( Contact us for coupons. )

All of the themes have an inbuilt theme options panel. It works like a charm. You can edit theme styles, and footer layouts, and turn off breadcrumbs, and responsive layouts. You can do many things without having to edit the theme itself.

This works well for most users. Because editing a theme is a hassle. And only a misplaced semi-colon is enough to break down your whole site. So, giving users a graphical option to edit via custom CSS and other color options is an added plus point!


Though initially, we had speed issues with their themes. But the recent themes like Enpine and others are really fast. The issue was probably over usage of JavaScript for design.
In the words of Toan himself,

Though initial themes had these problems. But now you can check for yourself. Our recent themes got high scores in Google Page speed too!

Initially only found on now the theme Codilight has spread like wildfire in the blogosphere! I guess that’s the price you pay for having a good theme. Exclusivity is lost. 😀

This was our best premium WordPress theme roundup. In this series we covered Next time, some other theme company!

best premium wordpress themes famethemes review 1

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Best Premium WordPress Themes : Famethemes Review

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  1. Nice review indeed Aditya.
    My blog is too powered by Famethemes's Enpine and I must say my blog has got a good looking now! Toan really helped me customizing the theme. May his themes rocks the whole WordPress.


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