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Is Bing snapshot Microsoft’s answer to Google Authorship


First question of the day before starting any discussion, “Have you used Klout? Do you know what Klout is?” For those who don’t know what Klout is read on. Klout is a social service, where you can connect your social networks at one place to gauge your interactions. Klout generates a Klout Score which varies from 1-100 and shows your online presence. Klout gifts you with perks for using Klout, you can login to Klout with Facebook or Twitter. Now that was all about Klout in brief. Bing is Microsoft’s own search engine. It has been in public for quite a long time and is the second most used search engine after Google. Along with Klout Bing has launched it’s own version of authorship. Just like Google authorship which relies on the data of Google+, Bing snapshot‘s authorship relies on Klout and the LinkedIn profile of a person. Other connected networks and top posts are shown alongside the profile in search results.

bing snapshots katy perry
An example of Klout powered snapshots, featuring Katy Perry.

Bing’s Klout verified Bing snapshots will show the following things to a user :

  1. Their public LinkedIn information summary.
  2. Link to their social profiles connected to Klout ( user can set which ones to show and which ones to not.)
  3. Current public Klout score and influential topics of the user.
  4. Two Twitter updates with the highest level of interaction and influence ( from past week’s activity) and influential Instagram updates from past three months.

One may argue the fact that how many people actually use Klout for keeping track of their social media. But we must not forget that with Microsoft now by their side, they will surely witness some growth. Many of the new users would be people willing to try snapshots. And several will join Klout just because of this As for me, I have already signed up for Bing snapshot. The primary reason behind this is that it seems that it may help in SEO, especially search results for Bing.

bing snapshots klout verified
Klout settings : After signing up for Bing Snapshots!

You too can sign up here. What do you think? Is Bing too late in the Search Engine Wars to implement this social authorship feature? Only time can tell whether this move will reap them rewards or not. For detailed coverage read the official post here. And for the rest of us who are too lazy, Google‘s always there. 😛

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Written by Aditya Nath Jha

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