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I have been working at our Inspire2rise Hamster labs since 1 and a half year now. Ohh, I mean to say I have been blogging since 1.5 years. I had my fair share of ups and downs. Got banned from adsense. Lost traffic. Site got hacked. And shit you just can’t imagine! But still I learnt many a things which I would love to share. So here I am with my first comprehensive blogging tips tutorial at Inspire2rise.com .

Blogging tips – The top mistakes which bloggers make :-

blogging tips - blogging mistakes that a blogger makes1.) Blogging tips – *Important – Not using speed enhancement plugins.

Your visitors are real people, real humans. And the truth is that they are in a hurry. Anything more than 4 seconds is just too much for a wp-blog or website. Speedily loading websites also rank better in search results. Check your Google page speed score now.
Also test your load time at Pingdom tools. After analyzing your weak areas from Google page speed insights you can work on them by using W3-Total Cache or WP-Super cache Plugin.

You can see the best settings for WP-Super Cache here.

2.) Blogging tips – *Important -Overlooking seo.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional writer or have a flair with the pen. You have to focus on search engine optimization. If your theme is not seo optimized and your posts aren’t seo friendly then you are going to end up nowhere even with the best of your efforts! We will cover proper SEO settings in another post in a few days.

3.) Blogging forever alone.

Yes you are a blogger now. So what ? Most people are just like Trolls on the Internet! If you are limited to your own site and don’t even bother to interact with other bloggers. Or you don’t try to find pro-bloggers in your niche and interact with them. Then it’s time you quit blogging. You don’t need any more blogging tips. It’s a team game not one man hunt!

Now reading - Blogging tips - mistakes and solutions.

4.)  Only focussing on bucks.

If you are blogging only for money and don’t care whether your visitor deserves to read some fresh content or not, then it’s a grave mistake. A nice blogger tries to solve people’s queries rather than just focussing on earning. We are the ones who develop the internet, aren’t we ?

blogging tips - remove unnecessary ads
So, as they say

“With great power, comes great responsibility!”

5.) Poorly generated or copied content or bad grammar. Or use of fancy words.

If you have poorly written posts i.e. posts less than 500 words. Posts with little or no punctuation. Posts which are stuffed with keywords. Then it all comes under poorly generated content. And the worst case would be if you copy content. Now rebranding someone’s work in your own simple words is research. But direct ctrl+ c and ctrl+v is just too much! Also if you take inspiration from somewhere, don’t forget to give the author some credit.

6.) Bad permalinks, Clumsy database, Extra plugins.

Having an absurd permalink structure like categorybase/category/postname or  p=123 etc. will not help you. It’s a grave blogging mistake! I prefer the custom permalink structure /%postname%.html as it is loved by search engine robots. Although current research indicates it not to be much beneficial. But still it’s better than those long urls you have been using till now!

Optimize your databse using Wp-Optimize plugin. Your database gets bloated in just a few days. Regular cleaning up once a week is absolutely essential.

My preffered plugin number is 15. I.e always use less than 15 plugins. Anything which you want to implement has a coded alternative. You just aren’t searching it up with enough passion!

7.) Not using images at all.

blogging tips - use imagesUsing little or no images will also make your blog look boring. It will increase your bounce rate and decrease user interaction! Also use alt-tags in your images. It can be simply done by adding desired text to “alternative text” section in image uploader. Also use Wp- Smush.it plugin to reduce your image size and serve scaled images.

9.) Overlooking the social part of blogging.

If you don’t have a social presence then your blogging experience would be like a snail trying to crawl up a mountain. A Facebook fanpage with proper following, and a twitter and Google+ presence can work wonders for you. Go on Facebook search for fellow bloggers, share your experiences. Grow with them.

You may like to read more blogging tips : Social media Marketing strategies to empower your blog.

10.) Focussing too much on what other bloggers say.

There are just too many young guns out there doling out free advice. It’s good to learn from others but don’t blindly follow them.


11.) Little patience and too high expectations.

Blogging isn’t one shot solution to all your problems. It requires dedication, patience, hard work.

“Perception – Perspiration- Passion and Perfection – The succes mantra.”

12.) Spending too much time on blogging.

There’s a full world out there. Don’t let your passion for blogging take away your family time. Or degrade your grades. As the Buddha said – Everything is good under moderation.

Now reading - Blogging tips - mistakes and solutions.

13.) Blogging tips – *Important- Using a poor theme, or using theme from free sites.

If you are using a 19th century wordpress theme then for sure you aren’t gonna last long. Don’t download themes from freeby sites. Use themes from wordpress.org. Or use 2012 theme it’s perfect for SEO. Just make it somewhat user friendly. Learn to do so here.

And lack of faith, belief and motivation+inspiration.

Motivation, Inspiration and the drive to make the world a better, more informed place. That’s what it is which is required to be a better blogger .

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Written by Aditya Nath Jha

Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Gadgets, WordPress, speed optimization & latest technology.
When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music! Find me on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linked in.
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