Boeing’s $200 Million Ransomware Crisis and Its Aftermath

Uncover Boeing’s refusal to pay a hefty $200 million ransom after a severe LockBit ransomware attack that compromised 43GB of sensitive data.

Boeing disclosed this Wednesday that in November 2023, the company was targeted by a ransomware attack. Hackers demanded a ransom amounting to $200 million. Boeing decided against paying the ransom.

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Cybercriminals began their attack on Boeing in October 2023 using the LockBit ransomware platform, eventually stealing approximately 43GB of confidential company documents. These documents were subsequently published on the LockBit website.

Boeing’s refusal to pay the ransom was based on the assessment that the cyberattack impacted the company’s global services business division and parts department, but did not affect flight safety.

Brett Callow, a ransomware analyst with the cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, commented,

“This may be the second-largest ransom demanded in a cybersecurity incident to date.”

The US Department of Justice recently issued an indictment against Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, who is accused of developing and maintaining the LockBit ransomware. This malware has been used in numerous cyberattacks, resulting in devastating consequences.

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Boeing’s $200 Million Ransomware Crisis and Its Aftermath

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