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BOSE introduces ST 300 and LS 650 (Wireless soundbar and wireless surround sound systems)

BOSE introduces ST 300 and LS 650

In a rising competitive market of sound systems, people seek for less clumsy home theatres that consume less space.

Soundbars are the solution, today we are gonna talk about few offered by BOSE, marking its foot in the sound industry for over five decades now. These soundbars are intact speakers, consuming least space for maximum results, providing high bass, volumes and wireless connectivity.

THE SOUNDTOUCH 300 is the best BOSE has come up with, till date.

Offering the best performance and spaciousness, and the bass and sound quality better than any one piece sound bar of its size. I had the opportunity to experience the sound quality first hand sitting in a demo room and the audio experience is definitely great!

Enhancing your experience of everything you listen to, or watch on your TV sets, it is a perfect comrade to your digital setup. Having custom drivers, a phase guide technology and QuietPort, it sums up to a premium audio experiencing.

While your ears are experiencing the best sensation while listening to it, your eyes are up for a treat too. Having to see less speakers and wires lets you breathe happily as you have more personal space for you. The sound bar too is a case of beautiful craftsmanship.

With a slim figure to admire, it has a beautiful glass top. Wrapped around with a perforated metal grille, it really draws the eye. Don’t you worry about scratches on that tempered glass top. It is almost as strong as aluminium of its thickness, but just better looking. You just have to be careful about not dropping it.

Packed with features to support the peripheral device, it is bound to be adored. The connections are hassle free, and lets you put the least effort before enjoying the time of your life. It has a brilliant Bluetooth connector, allowing you to play music from your mobile devices. Apart from that, an additional ability to connect via WIFI, your speaker connects instantly for your in-home listening.

The HDMI port, USB port, 3.5 mm jack for AUX support and enhanced ports for further add on speakers to add the acoustic experiences are some features BOSE couldn’t afford to miss.

While the SoundTouch 300’s performance stands on its own, it can be customized with additional components, including the new, acoustically matched Acoustimass® 300 wireless bass module, and/or the Virtually Invisible® 300 wireless surround speakers for a full 5.1 experience.  As part of the Bose SoundTouch family, it can also wirelessly connect to other SoundTouch speakers around the house for the ultimate, multi-room entertainment system.     

Use the SoundTouch app on your mobile or tablet, to experience a smoother way of exploring music. Browse through popular music services like SPOTIFY and DEEZER, INTERNET RADIO or your stored music library. Personalized pre-sets lets you easy access to the music you love, with a one touch access.

The only bad thing about these speakers is that they are not your average budget hardware and come at a premium price which can be justified only if you really are a fan of great sound quality. Else it won’t make much sense to you.

Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Gadgets, WordPress, speed optimization & latest technology. When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music! Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram. And watch his videos on YouTube.

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