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How many of you folks have seen the amazing movie “Her”? If you have seen that film than you must have been excited at the prospect of such advanced artificial intelligence technology as portrayed in the film. Well that sort of technology is still some time away from our grasp but we have a very real alternative brewing up in our own Indian subcontinent. Today at Inspire2rise we are covering this amazing artificial intelligence speech recognition based software called as Braina. What Braina does is incredible in it’s own right. I have personally never come across such a functional software based on speech recognition, atleast not for the Windows platform! So today we will review this amazing software in detail and one lucky person will get the chance to win a Pro license for Braina by Brainasoft.

Braina AI speech recognition software review :

Braina is an acronym for Brain artificial. It’s an intelligent software which allows easy handsfree operation of your computer for basic tasks using voice based commands in English language. What makes Braina awesome is that it can accurately work with variety of accents. I myself tried this software and it picked my commands correctly 9/10 times! That’s a pretty impressive score for a software that’s just fresh out of market.

Braina uses natural language processing to assist in day to day tasks and make the whole process of computing more natural and intuitive. Another cool thing about Braina is that the software comes in two variants. A free version for the people who are trying out the software for the first time and there’s a paid version with all the awesome supercharged tools.

The pro version comes with the added benefit of deep learning and it’s programmable as well as learns user behavior over time. By learning what the user needs or does at specific time periods Braina can help in making day to day tasks easier.

Braina comes with an add on which is an Android app, this allows the user to interact with their computer from any place in their house using a wifi network. The future applications of this feature are many, as it can be used in a proper setup to implement home automation.

Braina isn’t a chat bot like Siri or Cortana and it prioritizes functionality over unnecessary whistles and bells.

Currently the Braina software is still in initial stages but a lot of research is being done by Brainasoft in order to make sure that in few years Braina can become a digital assistant that can learn from experience just like the human brain.

Functionality that Braina offers :

Braina is best at helping with everyday tasks. It can define things for you, it can help in performing mathematical calculations. It can remember notes for the user. It can help in setting up alarms, reminders. It can play any song at random or a song of your choice when you want it to. All in all Braina has a lot to offer.

One thing that I particularly like about Braina is it’s ability to handle music. It can scan through all of your music collection which might be fragmented all over your hard drive. Braina can then play your music on demand through the music voice control and just think how much time and effort it saves. It saves the pain of visiting all those folders and one thing that was awesome was that whenever I said “Play songs” it just played a random song and I found songs that I hadn’t heard in years. Sometimes it feels good that you can’t control what you are listening to! 😀

Let’s compare the features available in the pro version and the free version:

Braina AI speech recognition software review and giveaway free vs pro
Braina AI speech recognition software review and giveaway : Free vs. Pro version!

So as you can see the pro version of Braina comes with so many features and it’s worth the $29 price tag. After all it’s nothing when compared to the countless hours you can save over mundane tasks and things that you take so much time to do on your computer currently!

Take part in the giveaway now!

Rules for the Inspire2rise Braina AI speech recognition software review and giveaway:

  • Thou shalt not spam, thou shalt not resort to cheap parlor tricks to gain entries.
  • There is going to be 1 winner, he shall receive the pro version of Braina, the rest are free to go to their site and download the basic version.
  • The contest goes live on 23th August and will end on 22th of September.
  • The contestant with the maximum number of entries shall win the contest!
  • The contestant must leave a comment stating why they want to win this giveaway and in case someone wins they have to redeem their prizes within one week of establishing contact.


me playing with braina by brainasoft
Just me playing with Braina in my free time! :v
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