Canon EOS-1D X Mark III launched in India at INR 575,995/- 

The video monster from Canon is out. But the question is whether you would be able to afford it or not?

Canon launches its new masterpiece for professional photography and videography!

  • The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III carries forward the indomitable legacy of the EOS-1D series with its unmatched prowess over both still & video domains
  • The Mark III has a newly developed 20.1-megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor with all-new 16-point low pass filter and offers 5.5K RAW video recording

Canon India yesterday unveiled its flagship masterpiece – EOS 1DX Mark III, the latest entrant in Canon’s EOS range, adding to their professional camera line-up. Taking forward the legacy built by its predecessor EOS-1DX Mark II, the launch of the new EOS-1D X Mark III is aimed at stimulating the growing imaging segments such as a wedding, wildlife, fashion, sports and filmmaking. This premium flagship camera is quintessential for fuelling the creative aspirations of professional photographers and videographers by delivering best in class images at an unmatched speed. The incorporated new technology offers an opportunity to experience innovation like never before. With its capabilities to capture images in dark surroundings coupled with capturing the perfectly timed shot, the camera provides the highest possible image quality in all shooting conditions. The EOS 1DX Mark III comes with Face + Eye + Head detection features which offer an unmatched subject tracking during live view still and video shooting, making it the fastest and best AF System DSLR full-frame camera available in the market.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India said 

“At Canon, we have carved a niche for ourselves among consumers when it comes to delivering premium products and services. Through our best-in-class technology products, we have enabled users across genres to enjoy the pleasure of quality photography and videography to further fuel their passion in the art of imaging. As a new milestone in our imaging journey, we are delighted to begin 2020 with the launch of EOS-1D X Mark III, the latest marvel to our flagship EOS-1D series. The new product is poised to take the EOS legacy forward and further enable us in promoting the photography culture in India. We are confident that our latest offering will cater to the growing list of professional photographers in India and open up newer possibilities in the imaging space.”

 He further added, 

“With India as one of our top-performing markets globally, we foresee that innovations like EOS-1D X Mark III will contribute significantly to our 2020 growth story.” 

Speaking about the new product, Mr C Sukumaran, Director, Consumer System Products & Imaging Communication Products highlighted that 

“Photography as an art has grown leaps and bounds over the years, and through this journey, Canon has emerged as the trusted brand to reckon with among consumers. Customers being at the forefront of our innovations, it has been our constant endeavour to introduce products that will address evolving customer requirements and enhance their overall photography experience. With the launch of the successor of the EOS 1DX Mark II, we aim to further expand the imaging industry and deliver the best available technology to our consumers. This will be the most technologically advanced camera system available for professionals across genres empowering them with superior imaging outputs. Equipped with advanced features like 16fps | 20fps Servo AF which enables live view shooting and continuous subject tracking, the new camera offers unmatched speed and image quality. We are positive that EOS-1D X Mark III will be a delight for photographers as well as videographers to expand their creative horizons.” 

Priced at an MRP of INR 575,995/- (incl. of taxes) for the body, including 512 GB CF Express Card and Reader, the EOS-1D X Mark III will be available mid-February onwards at select retail outlets across the country.

Key Features of EOS-1D X Mark III

canon EOS 1DX Mark III


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Unmatched Speed of 20fps with Servo AF

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III is the ultimate speed machine and the fastest DSLR in the market with a continuous shooting speed of up to 20fps in live view. It offers an unmatched continuous shooting speed up to 16fps with viewfinder shooting. All these continuous shooting speeds are with full Servo autofocus, meaning even rapidly moving subjects are sharply in focus in each and every frame.
  • Through the viewfinder, the EOS-1D X Mark III offers a continuous shooting speed of up to 16fps. This makes the EOS-1D X Mark III the weapon of choice for the uppermost layer of a wedding, wildlife, fashion and sports professionals, for whom every frame is critical, and a missed frame is a lost opportunity.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Eye + face + Head detect – a perfect combination

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III features the latest iteration of Canon’s proprietary Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This technology enables smooth continuous autofocus and subject tracking during live view still shooting and video recording.
  • The newly developed algorithms in the EOS-1D X Mark III enable not just Eye Detect & Face Detect autofocus but also Head Detect autofocus. This allows highly precise autofocus and tracking even in challenging conditions and with multiple and rapidly moving subjects.
  • The EOS-1D X Mark III also features a high resolution (2.1-million dots) touchscreen works for both touch based focusing as well as capturing. 

The autofocus system of the future – Square Pixel AF sensor

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III employs the latest in semiconductor technology and features a revolutionary new autofocus system designed and developed by Canon. This technology gives the AF sensor 28X the resolution of its predecessor (EOS-1D X Mark II). It employs square pixels as AF sensors, instead of the traditional line sensor. The advantages of this system are increased AF sensitivity, increased sensor density and a higher number of Cross-Type AF points.
  • As a result of this technology, the EOS-1D X Mark III features an ultra-high resolution 191-point autofocus system allowing professional photographers unmatched precision and control. With 155 cross-type AF points the EOS-1D X Mark III maintains constant autofocus on even high-speed subjects with erratic movement patterns. 65-points out of these are cross-type even at an aperture of f/8, which would be of core interest to wildlife photographers, who use Extenders.
  • This AF system can track subjects unerringly at an unprecedented luminance range of EV -4 ~ 21, which means in every possible scenario – from shooting in very low light to high-intensity light, the focusing system performs flawlessly.

Dual CF Express card slots – the storage interface of the future

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III offers dual CF Express memory card slots. CF Express is the successor to CF 2.0 and XQD 2.0 and offers even higher bandwidth up to 2GB/sec
  • The EOS-1D X Mark III is able to capture 1000+ RAW + JPEG images which is a huge step up from its predecessor (81 shots). 5.5K video recording on-camera is possible on account of the massive bandwidth available with CF Express interface.
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Newly developed 20.1MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor – sharper, less noise

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III features a newly developed 20.1-megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor. This sensor features a new 16-point lowpass filter (as opposed to a traditional 4-point lowpass sensor), offering a much-improved sense of resolution and sharpness as well as reduced moire effects.
  • This new sensor is based on the latest fabrication process, which allows the EOS-1D X Mark III to feature even better low light performance and a standard ISO range of ISO 100 ~ 102,400. This is a wish come true for wedding and wildlife photographers who typically shoot in very low light – night functions, irregular lighting for wedding photographers and shooting at dusk/dawn, or in low visibility for wildlife photographers.

The latest evolutionary imaging processor – DIGIC X

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III is the first EOS camera to feature the latest generation DIGIC X imaging processor. The DIGIC X offers a staggering 380X computing processing performance and offers 3.1X image processing power compared to the predecessor.
  • This new DIGIC X enables many of the innovative features in the new EOS-1D X Mark III that offer improved image quality, processing speed and enhanced functionality. The DIGIC X enables a new Image Sharpness Processing Engine, new Noise Reduction Processing, improved Digital Lens Optimizer, 5.5K cinematic video recording @60p to name but a few. The clincher is the new DIGIC X processor has reduced power consumption offering a dramatic increase in battery life (up to 2,850 shots approx. Vs. 1210 shots on the EOS-1D X Mark II), which is a major plus point for everyone. 

HDR PQ 10-bit HEIF – a new standard in imaging excellence

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III is the first EOS camera to feature 10-bit colour depth for compressed images in the HEIF format. The HEIF file format (10-bit) captures much more colour information opposed to 8-bit JPEGs which translates to more colour tone gradation and increased dynamic range and ultimately more depth and realism
  • The EOS-1D X Mark III offers unmatched flexibility in allowing the user to capture RAW, RAW + JPEG, RAW + HEIF setting a new benchmark in customisation


5.5K Video Recording @60p | 4K 60p Crop/Uncropped – Cinematic future-proofing

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III is the first EOS camera ever to offer a video resolution of 5.5K at 60p. This superb resolution enables oversampling and results in superbly sharp 4K footage. A super high-quality Debayer algorithm further helps to suppress more and improves noise granularity
  • The EOS-1D X Mark III also features 4K video recording at up to 60p. Even more special, both DCI (17:9) as well as UHD (16:9) 4K recording standards are supported. Thus, the EOS-1D X Mark III meets the standard of both cinema as well as broadcasting standards
  • And it gets even better! The EOS-1D X Mark III offers a choice of 4K cropped / 4K uncropped to cinematographers. This gives unmatched flexibility to the user

12-bit RAW | 10-bit Canon Log 4:2:2 video – designed for cinematographers

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III supports 5.5K video recording with 12-bit RAW output at 60p. These uncompressed video files retain unmatched rich colour tones to allow extensive post-processing that is capable of producing results in line with the Canon Cinema EOS range
  • The EOS-1D X Mark III also supports 4K video recording with 10-bit Canon Log output @60p with 4:2:2 colour sampling. Canon Log provides a file that is marginally processed with a lot of headroom for enhanced post-processing but is of a smaller size than RAW video files. Thus Canon Log files are suitable for post-processing workflows that are time optimised and where highly professional results are required with time constraints
  • The EOS-1D X Mark III gives cinematographers the flexibility of choosing either 12-bit or 10-bit files easing the workflow and post-processing concerns of the industry and ensuring that whatever the requirement, quality and timeliness of output is never a concern.
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Full HD@120p – Capture fast action & slow-motion

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III supports Full HD @120p video recording with 4:2:2 colour sampling. Videographers will also note 10-bit Canon Log support for Full HD video, which allows professional colour grading and supports advanced post-processing workflows.
  • Full HD 120p video support enables greater artistic expression in terms of capturing fast action scenes or inducing slow motion to create additional drama.


500,000 shutter cycles | highly durable structure – built for true professionals

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III is built of highly durable magnesium alloy. This makes it highly durable to withstand the rigours of demanding usage in the field. The highly rigid structure is further enhanced by weather sealing around seams and buttons that prevent the ingress of dust and moisture.
  • The shutter life durability is an industry-leading 500,000 cycles


Unmatched Connectivity – Gigabit-speed communications

  • The EOS-1D X Mark III features multiple inbuilt high bandwidth data communication systems including Wi-Fi, wired LAN (Gigabit Ethernet) and the latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 port. The inbuilt Wi-Fi supports latest-gen WFT protocols allowing FTP / FTPS / SFTP file transfers
  • The inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows seamless continuous connectivity with smartphones allowing wireless control of the camera, tethering and transfer of images to the smart device. The Bluetooth is low energy, which helps conserve battery life

Canon 1DX Mark III Specifications

Effective number of pixels20.1M
Normal ISO sensitivity (stills)100-102400
Recording MediaCF Express × 2
Burst shooting speed (Live View shooting / Viewfinder shooting)Up to approx. 20 / 16 fps
Live View shooting (electronic shutter)Yes.Up to approx. 20 fps.
Number of shots per burst (JPEG/RAW)1000+
Shutter speed1/8000 (mechanical)
Viewfinder shootingNumber of AF points / Cross-typeUp to 191/155
Brightness range for AFEV-4 21
Live View shootingNumber of AF area division segmentsDual Pixel CMOS AF
Up to 3869 AF point positions; 525 segments
Brightness range for AFEV-6~18
AF coverage area for stills and moviesH: Approx. 90% V: Approx. 100%
4K movieMovie shooting mode/frame rateWithout cropping: 4K DCI/UHD 60p
With cropping: 4K DCI 60p
Oversampling frame rate5.5K oversampling
(without cropping / with DCI)
IS methodElectronic IS for movies (5-axis type)
Optical IS
(for use with IS-compatible lenses)
Colour sampling bit rate (YCbCr)Normal 4:2:0 8bit
Canon Log 4:2:2 10bit
RAW 4:2:2 12bit
Shutter durability (cycles)500,000 times
Viewfinder coverage (approx.) / magnification (approx.)100% / 0.76X

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Canon EOS-1D X Mark III launched in India at INR 575,995/- 

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