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Canon RF 16-28mm F2 L USM lens would be available soon!

The latest large aperture lens from Canon is just around the corner!


We at Inspire2Rise use an f/1.4 lens in order to shoot all our videos. People who are familiar with photography and videos know the advantages of a large aperture like this one. Such a lens has a great low light performance and comes with a great shallow depth of field for shooting product videos. Given a chance almost everyone goes for a lens with a larger aperture. Canon has the new EOS R cameras out now. Hence it’s natural that Canon is now focussing on the development of large aperture lenses for this platform. According to previous reports, Canon is developing a new RF card slot F2.0 zoom lens. Recently, it has been reported that Canon’s next RF card slot F2.0 lens will be Canon RF 16-28mm F2 L USM lens.

Canon RF 16-28mm F2 L USM lens
Image Source: EvoLife.Cn

It is reported that Canon will gradually improve the RF port F2.0 super large lens combination, and the next lens is most likely the RF 16-28mm F2 L USM. However, things aren’t exactly confirmed yet and the RF mount F2.0 telephoto zoom lens is also in consideration. 

In addition, Canon already has patents related to RF 14-21mm F1.4 L USM and RF 12-20mm F2 L USM lenses. Hence it is not possible to rule out the possibility that Canon will release one of the lenses. What is certain now is that the Canon RF card slot F2.0 super large ternary lens will not be equipped with an in-lens anti-shake function.

Canon RF 16-28mm F2 L USM lens specifications

However, Canon users do not have to worry too much about anti-shake or in lens stabilization. This is because Canon’s future EOS R series body might be equipped with IBIS function (In body image stabilization). Canon has previously applied for a patent for triple anti-shake system in the United States. The patent shows that Canon is studying the triple anti-shake system that combines anti-shake, lens anti-shake and digital anti-shake i.e. EIS. The only thing we can do right now is to wait for this lens to come out.

There’s no concrete info on the pricing and availability of this lens. Stay tuned for more info on the same! So guys what do you think? Would such a lens be a good addition to Canon user’s arsenal of lenses? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below! Subscribe to our newsletter for more timely tech updates and leaks!

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