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  • True story behind my copy of Windows 8 !


    Windows 8 troll

    Windows 8 troll. Now that’s the way we get our windows. 😀 Windows 8 troll by Inspirons, you don’t mess with us ! xD That’s the way we roll bitches ! True Story

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    Trolled by son-Dad gone

    Dad trolled by son, that awesome moment 😛 You ain’t my dad any more, (#trolled by son) for more awesome pictures , trolls and images and for fb covers too, keep

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    Super Exam troll

    Trolled on exams ! Happens to you every time. Isn’t it so ! This super exam troll Happens every-time with me and my friends. , Enjoy the troll folks! Well IPU

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    Shut the Fuck up on FB

    Shut the Fuck up on FB. Yes we are listening to the public demands and the Facebook team will soon come up with SHUT THE FUCK UP BUTTON! JUST KIDDING 😛 😀  Stay

  • This guy seriously got lucky !


    Ultimate Lucky Man

    Ultimate Lucky Man. How lucky can you be ! This guy seriously breaks all the limits ! Because he is the ultimate Lucky Man. Well talking about luck, do you think

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    iPhone 5 troll

    iPhone 5 troll. Don’t underestimate an iPhone ! iPhone 5 is the latest mobile offering from the Cupertino giant Apple. It is thinner than the previous iPhone 4s

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    Internet troll

    Internet troll at Happens when I sit at the PC. Well going by the way we humans spend time on computers, even this day doesn’t seem to be too