The caveat behind free Windows 10 upgrade

So I entered my office today and everyone was talking about one thing, “Did you update your Windows to Windows 10?” Everyone is happy with the new refreshing look which has features of Windows 7 also like Start menu, which is like wine, the older the better. But then we are humans and we always ignore a few details which may cost us in future. Whenever we get something for free, we ignore terms and conditions. Whether it’s a sale on your favourite brand or a free upgrade to Windows 10. Accept it, you didn’t read terms and conditions and swiftly clicked on “I Agree” when you got to know about this upgrade. And now we tell you why you should have ignored this free upgrade from Microsoft or maybe been a bit more cautious!

Windows 10, the hidden T&C

So the question here is of a privacy policy which you ignored in terms and conditions. The Privacy policy goes like this;

“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to enforce the terms governing the use of the services”.

When you sign into Windows with your Microsoft account, some of your data like browsing history, apps you have opened frequently, even your wi-fi connection password and details. So thanks to your ignorance, Microsoft gets the right to share the information collected from your PC to any third-party they like (sell more targeted advertising), covering it up smartly with Legal lingo.

Microsoft collects your personal data very easily. But it’s not completely your fault because some of this data has been provided to Microsoft unknowingly, like when you create a Microsoft account, browse on Bing, use features like Cortana and upload any document on OneDrive. And those troublesome cookies also give out information regarding what kind off apps you are using on your device.

Ideally, all this data is collected to improve User Experience. But then, sharing it with 2nd and 3rd parties like affiliates and vendors working on behalf of Microsoft sounds a little scary. Also, the biggest issue with Windows 10 is it’s most advertised feature, Cortana. Cortana gives a personalized experience and suggestions and for that, Microsoft collects various kinds of data like location of device, data from emails and text messages, call logs and contacts along with the ways you interact with them. And the best thing to do in this scenario is Disable: Cortana! Otherwise there is a huge risk that Microsoft will be sharing this information without your consent.

Windows 10 also generates a unique advertising ID which may lead any developers and ad networks to serve you commercials and other unwanted stuff. So make sure that you keep a good eye on settings when you upgrade to Windows 10. And for those who haven’t done it yet, why take a risk?

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The caveat behind free Windows 10 upgrade

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    • So is the whole Google ecosystem including Google Now. Obviously Microsoft is a company and it will promote it’s own product!

  1. Well, in a typical Microsoft fashion Windows 10 upgrades will be free for just one year. Kicking off the press event at Microsoft headquarters, Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Operating Systems group, said that “for the first year after Windows 10 is available, we will be making available a free upgrade to Windows 10 to all devices running windows 8.

  2. Thanks for such a elaborate write up and sharing the details with us. It will really help to decide on upgrading and installing it.

  3. Nice and informative…After hearing mixed reviews from my friends I was really skeptical about Windows 10 and now I am quite clear…
    Thanks for the share…


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