ChatGPT Introduces Temporary Chat for Private Conversations

Discover ChatGPT’s new temporary chat feature, allowing private, ephemeral interactions without saving the conversation history.

Recently reports announced that OpenAI recently announced updates, enhancing data control features for both free and Plus users of ChatGPT.

These updates provide enhanced management of conversation histories and introduce a new “temporary chat” feature.

Previously, users who opted out of sharing their conversation data for model training were unable to access their chat histories.

The latest update removes this restriction, allowing all users to view their chat histories and revisit past interactions with ChatGPT.

The update highlights OpenAI’s new “temporary chat” feature, designed to further address users’ privacy concerns.

openai announced red team network

This feature enables one-time conversations with ChatGPT, ensuring that the details of these exchanges are not stored in the chat history.

This functionality is particularly useful for conversations involving sensitive topics or when users prefer not to keep a record of their interactions.

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ChatGPT Introduces Temporary Chat for Private Conversations

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