China and Brazil Strengthen Space Cooperation with New Satellite Projects

China and Brazil advance their space partnership, focusing on Earth resources satellites and space weather labs.

China and Brazil have a history of over 30 years of space collaboration, starting in July 1988 with the agreement to develop Earth resources satellites.

Together, they have created multiple satellites, providing over 500,000 remote sensing data images to regions in Latin America, Africa, and ASEAN.

On May 16, Zhang Kejian, Director of China’s National Space Administration, and Marco Antonio Chamon, Director of Brazil’s Space Agency, co-chaired the seventh meeting of the China-Brazil High-Level Coordination and Cooperation Committee on Space Cooperation via video.

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The meeting confirmed continued collaboration on the Earth resources satellites, a space weather laboratory, the BRICS remote sensing satellite constellation, and talent exchange and training, concluding with the signing of meeting minutes.

On October 14, 1999, China and Brazil successfully launched their jointly developed Earth resources satellite CBERS-01, marking China’s first successful application of a real-time transmission Earth remote sensing satellite. This satellite is considered a model of “South-South cooperation.”

Since 1999, China and Brazil have launched five Earth resources satellites, significantly benefiting environmental monitoring, land resources exploration, and disaster management, while also enhancing their space management and technology levels.

satellite parameters china and brazil

Last year, the National Space Administration announced the signing of additional protocols with the Brazilian Space Agency for the development of CBERS-06 and a cooperation plan for 2023-2032.

CBERS, also known as the Resource-1 satellite, is China’s first-generation transmission Earth resource satellite series. It includes CBERS-01, 02, 02B (all retired), 02C, and 04 satellites.

Future plans include the quick commencement of CBERS-05 and 06 feasibility studies and the prioritization of CBERS-06 technical schemes, with continued cooperation in space technology, applications, science, and personnel training. These efforts aim to enhance China-Brazil space cooperation over the next decade.

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China and Brazil Strengthen Space Cooperation with New Satellite Projects

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