Why consistent posting schedule is essential for Blogging success

When it comes to starting your blogging journey a lot of bloggers get stuck in a lot of random advice, too many action points and a lot of tweaks and tricks to try. But what most ignore is that their content itself is the backbone and the focal point for all of their efforts to be amplified. A consistent posting schedule is essential for Blogging success. It could be one post per week, one post per two days or a post daily. Frequency is something that you can decide by yourself but the most essential part is to stick to a schedule and keep posting regularly.

So let’s talk about the visible impact factors which are affected by an inconsistent posting schedule: 

  • Indexing of posts: The indexing of your content depends upon the frequency of GoogleBot’s visits to your website. GoogleBot or any other search engine bot would visit your website only if there’s fresh content present on it after every fixed amount of time. If you post daily then the GoogleBot would visit your site daily to check for new content. If you post weekly then the frequency of Googlebot’s visits would also change to weekly. The more faster your content is indexed after posting leads to better ranking and a possible chance of higher SERP positions.
  • Regular readers: Your regular readers expect you to stick to a fixed posting schedule so that they also know when to check your website for more updates. With the advent of push notifications and subscriber notification mails the value of this point might be less but still there are old fashioned readers who would want to visit your website every time to check if there’s something new or not.
    For such kind of readers to not loose interest in your website it’s best to focus on having a fixed posting schedule. And if it’s possible then make it known to your readers about the times they can expect something new coming up on your website.
    For example: If you are someone who does interview series then you can make sure that there’s a fixed day and time every week when you push out such interview posts. So this way your regular readers would know when to expect such a post and hence you would have a fixed stream of readers coming in every fixed day when you post such content.
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  • Domain Authority: Now this might seem like a far off assumption but I have been blogging since 4 years and one thing that I can say for sure is that your domain authority is seriously affected if you don’t stick to a fixed posting schedule.
  • Guest post offers: When a potential sponsored review provider or guest author checks your blog then they look for the time stamp of the last post that you made. If you have a very inconsistent posting schedule then it would show up and most potential revenue opportunities might be lost for you due to just pure laziness.

So guys these were the major factors which get affected if you don’t follow a regular fixed posting schedule and you can easily build a better blog by following a regular and structured posting approach.

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Why consistent posting schedule is essential for Blogging success

10 thoughts on “Why consistent posting schedule is essential for Blogging success”

    • Important things to start a blog: Domain name, hosting and content. 😛 Just that’s it. Posting regularly is important because of all the factors in the post written above, do read once again! 😀

  1. what should be the ideal time interval for posting a content if your the sole content writer, because writing an influential content also takes time. So that the Domain authority is maintained.

  2. Impressive article. You are absolutely right. Consistent posting is really important in your blogging success. It helps the blogger to get higher domain authority and if you want to make good relation you must post daily. It will help to get the same visitors again and again. Thaks for your excellent thinking.

  3. I am seriously looking for this information for last couple of months when i started making regular posts on my blog and got confused on how many blog should be post and in what time interval? Now i have clear idea about it.
    Thank you very much..


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