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Now change the way you consume and manage content with the launch of VuLiv Player


No of Internet users in India have increased drastically over the years, nearing around 400 million total users all over the country. But still, the amount of online data stream is very low compared to our contemporaries. Still, a huge amount of data is watched and shared offline from person to person. Also, there are multiple apps that showcase channel exclusive content for users, on their own platforms.  But there is clearly a  lack of platforms that bridge the gap between offline and online content, a platform that helps the users with content on demand, all at one place. To fill that lack, a new platform has risen to the occasion, named VuLiv, which claims to bridge the gap between online and offline content.

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What’s VuLiv?

Sensing the need gap that exists today between offline and online data, VuLiv is a new age universal media player that is looking at integrating on-device information and assets to recommend solutions of content for the end user. Content that is delivered in an image rich format and that is easy to understand. Also helping consumers decide relevant content for their needs. It is a differentiated offering that understands the user. It also creates user profiles basis offline media and online media searched or played.

VuLiv is one of its kind platform that organizes all of users’ local media (images, audio, and video) at one place. Also providing convenient swipe to switch UI and recommends online content aligned with user taste and profile.  It also collates multiple genres of entertainment from the most popular publishers. The platform not only sports but plays all the popular file extensions of videos, music, and pictures with features like slideshow, equalizer, gesture controls, folder view, music widget, floating screen for a smoother multitasking experience.

Says, Manoj Gupta, Founder VuLiv, “It is hard to believe, but today so much of offline, on device information exists. This has never been utilized by any ecosystem player. We realized that from device makers to OS leaders to even advertising giants, this genre is not being focused at. Either to recommend solutions for content and commerce. We believe that this on-device un-connected state information can be leveraged to build better solution recommendations. Also, it can help build bigger reach and relevance.  A platform where information available locally on the device, personal information about apps, personal music, video content etc. is utilized to engage users even in the absence of internet (in offline mode).”


Online content streaming is the future of data consumption. However, the need of offline data streaming cannot be ignored for now. VuLiv allows you to enjoy the best of both the worlds simultaneously. The need is there, the market is definitely there, let’s see how the platform performs against the competition.

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Written by Ketan Jha

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