Popular AAA Game “Control” gets official HDR support!

The fan favourite game is about to get a lot better!

News on May 14th, the game developer Remedy recently officially supported the HDR display function for “Control”, bringing a new picture improvement to the game that has been on sale for nearly four years.

The improvement comes from a mod made by Remedy’s official game developer, senior Unreal Engine developer Filippo Tarpini, who joined Remedy six months after Control’s release and has been tinkering with the game. He released the resolution and aspect ratio unlocking mod earlier, and recently released the native HDR related support mod ( click here to view ).

control hdr ultrawide dlss rt patch

We checked the Nexus Mods website and found that the Mod not only added native HDR to “Control”, but also improved DLSS, added full ultra-widescreen support, improved texture streaming, improved ray tracing, and added multiple further fixes and adjustments ( Such as FOV, skip intro video, disable depth of field, etc.) , currently updated to version 1.4.

control game hdr interface 1

Obviously, the developer named Filippo Tarpini loves “Control” very much. This work was not official patch content but was released on the Mod website, and there is no guarantee of getting a financial return.

“Control” is a supernatural third-person action-adventure game released in August 2019. In the game, players will use supernatural abilities, custom equipment and interactive environments to fight side by side with other agents of the Control Bureau, and jointly uncover all kinds of strange things. experiments and secrets.

Remedy previously announced that it will jointly develop and publish the sequel to the game “Control” with 505 Games  – “Control 2”, which will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, with an initial development budget of  50 million euros (currently about  449 Crore INR).

Remedy will retain the ownership of the intellectual property rights of the game. Development, marketing and post-launch investments, as well as future net revenue generated by the game, will be split equally between 505 Games and Remedy.

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Popular AAA Game “Control” gets official HDR support!

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