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  1. Personally I prefer BuddyPress than the rest, mainly because of the community and extensions available. There are many talented WP developers are also contributing to the development of BuddyPress, plus many plugins (extensions) are available to add more functionality to you BuddyPress site.

  2. i never thought that we can create Social network by WordPress. I always think we can build social network with Joomla.

    Thanks for share. I’ll try it in my site too 🙂

  3. Buddypress is definitely the best solution, the only issue is with such heavy plugin Buddypress+ Other Buddypress plugins the site becomes really slow, home somebody comes up with some super fast Buddypress theme.

  4. I love your disclaimer at the conclusion of the article! I had to chuckle because I can see some people doing it and then coming back on here and ranting because they went and crashed their site.

  5. Came to know about another quality of WordPress. Blog, Website Development, E commerce website and now social sites , we can do almost everything with WordPress, proud to be a WordPress user.

  6. Thanks for the information. You’ve thought of those plugins to create a different kind of site. Hope that will be awesome addition to any blog.

    However, what concerns me is whether the site will be reliable? I mean will it stay stable? We’ve seen lots of compatibility issues when different plugins are used.

    1. These plugins are not intended to be used in any way on existing installs just to check or even for fun. I would advise caution. But if you are playing with a new project, or setting up something entirely different, then my guide can come in handy. As to stability of a site, any WordPress site will remain stable for as long as the user installs plugins from trusted developers. All the errors that arise, if they arise, are due to either conflict with cache plugins or with security plugins. No other issues can crop up.
      Issues in such a setup can be of the following types :
      1.) .htaccess issues : These can occur because the rewrite rules setup by Cache plugins or security plugins are interfering with the rewrite rules setup by other plugins. Or maybe the .htaccess is rendered unwritable by plugins used for caching or security purposes.
      2.) Memory/Bandwidth issues : Running a social networking site is an expense on the server. Because most of the content has to be dynamic and non-cacheable.
      I hope I clarified your doubt bro! 😀

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