[UPDATE] December 2013 PageRank update : What I learned?

Today is special. Today is just a day before Inspire2rise.com’s two year anniversary, and today we got an unexpected nod of approval from Google regarding our little perceived authority. Yes, fellas we got a PR boost today. Since, the day Inspire2rise was launched to this day we had PR 0. There were times when people would message me to ask for advertising space on my blog. I told them all my stats enthusiastically. Below 50k Alexa ranking, check. Above 30 Domain Authority, check. High page authority, check. But when it came to PR, my head always hung in shame. As I would proudly say PR 0, the advertiser would vanish like water in the desert. People would say do link building to gain PR, do guest posting, do this, do that. Whenever I started talking about PR then everybody would don a blogging guru avatar and start teaching me like I was a lost kid. Then last PR Update happened in February, I was still at 0. People would come with advice like you would never gain PR without guest posting and all that stuff. Then came the PR drought. No update for a long period of time. Everyone started caring less about PR. I was so happy. I still did what I had always done. Write my stuff, and share to get it noticed. Is it that hard? And then bang, with today’s December 2013 Pagerank update, things have changed again. No, I am not a supporter of PR. I personally think it’s a metric which can be tricked. Like all the rest out there. But still it feels good, knowing that I got PR 2, that somehow things won’t be that difficult from now on. So here I am trying to dissect what led to this PR 2 without any guest posting, or hard work of manual link building.

Reading - [UPDATE] December 2013 pagerank update : What I learned?

[UPDATE] December 2013 Pagerank update : Write but write good.

[UPDATE] December 2013 pagerank update emotional content
December 2013 Pagerank update : Add emotional content to your writing.
I remember that when initially this website was setup, all I did was post troll images and random blabber. If you still have the capacity to go to the end through the infinite scroll on the homepage then you would realize that I am not much of a blogger. I am a random guy, who does things, discovers things, and then shares them with his audience. It doesn’t matter what size the audience is, what matters is that, is the message worthy enough of the audience!

Write, but write good. This is what I would say to all the bloggers out there who read my blog. Posting frequency doesn’t matter. Trust me. It doesn’t matter till the time you are creating epic content. If every single post of yours is a saga in it’s own right, then no need to write daily. Being a writer myself I know that writing for an audience is like giving them a part of your soul. This part, this second, this emotion, it can never be brought back. But still I give it to you. The day you feel like this, this motivation for every goddamn blog post you write, that will be the day you win.

You know technology in itself is nothing. It’s just wires, chips and current. The moment you add human emotion to it, is the moment it starts changing things.

As Bruce lee says in the above video, learn to add passion to your work. Then every thing you do, becomes a master piece in itself.

[UPDATE] December 2013 Pagerank update : No need to follow the crowd.

Anyone who knows me closely also knows that how much I hate guest posting. It’s like giving away diamonds in exchange for stones. Let me tell you why. People mostly do guest posting these days so that they can build links. Or they can leverage on the existing fan base of a website and draw traffic from there to their own blog.
But let me tell you something that I have learned. If someone has made a superb brand identity, then no matter who publishes content on that website, only the owner’s name would come to the mind of the reader. For an example : Bivori.com owned by Suresh Khanal is one of the very cool blogging sites out there which accept guest posts. Whenever I go there to read any of the posts, it doesn’t matter who has written the post. I don’t even see the author box for long. All that the site looks to me is an extension of Suresh’s persona. It feels like the guy is talking to you, and when it does feel like that, then everyone who is on that site for building a personal image for themselves there, are in for disappointment.
I am not trying to say that it’s completely useless. But still I think that the guest posting fad should slowly be brought to a tolerable level. You don’t need to guest post, just because it would fetch you a link. Think long term. That same content, on your blog. Your words, your audience, your brand.

When it comes to link building, the old fashioned ways are to comment, signature links and all that stuff. Let me tell you the new fashion way. It is to be so awesome that people die inside if they don’t share and link back to your content. Provide VALUE. The rest will follow.

Lesson from December 2013 Pagerank update : Be individualistic.

In a world where you can be anything, start by being yourself. You can do the following things to ensure that your website is and always remains a bit different from the others.

  • miley cyrus twerk december 2013 pagerank update
    December 2013 PageRank update : What I learned? Not this. I swear! 😛

    Have a unique design. By that I don’t mean that you should necessarily have a premium theme. Even a free theme like 2013 or Ribbon from MyThemeShop would make things bright. But if and only if you customize it good.
    Take care of the white spaces. People don’t like too much crammed content. Make a reader friendly design, like Medium or Ghost content management system. Just take any theme you like, try learning some CSS, play with it. Tweak it. Do that till the time you are satisfied and when you are done, show it off to the world proudly.

  • Maintain a writing tone. 
    Do you write like a robot? Are your posts so boring, that no one would dare read beyond 10 words? If the answer is yes, then you my dear, need to read some novels and other classic literature.
    Worship the reader, but make sure the reader knows that you have the upper hand. You should know how to play with words.
    Though you can’t learn that in a day. But practice can make anything possible. Improve your grammar, write correct. Do loosen up a bit, after all it’s your website that you are writing on.
Reading - [UPDATE] December 2013 pagerank update : What I learned?
  • Write with a specific motto.
    Why was this post written? Specifically, to share in a nutshell what I learned in two years. So, see. Here I have the motive clear. Do you too have a clear motive while writing your posts. If the answer is yes, then you my friend are going to walk the red carpet of blogging soon.
  • Don’t work for the stats, work for yourself and your readers.
    This is Inspire2rise, a little bit of motivation once in every post is our trademark. So, this is the main thing. You don’t need that Alexa rank, that DA, that PR.
    All that you need is that little truthful comment which says, “Yes this post helped me, this post touched me”.

Last lesson from December 2013 pagerank update : Don’t trust anyone, if you got to do something, do it right away.

Remember how Matt Cutts had all of us hanging with his tweet. Many people stopped working with full ferocity, paused link building and other stuff just because they thought PR wasn’t gonna come this year. So here is an important lesson from this entire episode : If you want to do something and you know it needs to be done, then do it right away. You never know when it’s gonna be too late!

Want to talk  to me? Have any doubts? Some queries? Just comment with anything which you had like to ask. [ Except my Credit card number! ] 😛

Stay Inspired to rise!

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[UPDATE] December 2013 PageRank update : What I learned?

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  1. Yes brother. I agree with you we don’t need guest post to get a pr just like all other bloggers are doing. I too checked the pr of the blog I sold and was surprised to see that it gor PR 1 and its just started on july 16. It gave me a lot of confidence. Once again a nice post bro.

  2. hey, just curious to know. How we can know, the PR is updated. Does Google post it officially that PR is updated or something like that.

  3. I don’t know why but I haven’t go the pagerank for my 1 year old blog with enough backlinks. But, you have achieved success man, great 😀


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