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  1. Yes brother. I agree with you we don’t need guest post to get a pr just like all other bloggers are doing. I too checked the pr of the blog I sold and was surprised to see that it gor PR 1 and its just started on july 16. It gave me a lot of confidence. Once again a nice post bro.

  2. hey, just curious to know. How we can know, the PR is updated. Does Google post it officially that PR is updated or something like that.

    1. The Toolbar provided by Google has a default extension for showing PageRank which is Google’s rough idea of how much important a link really is. When toolbar update is pushed then the sites show different Google PageRank.

  3. I don’t know why but I haven’t go the pagerank for my 1 year old blog with enough backlinks. But, you have achieved success man, great 😀

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