DJI OSMO Action 4 Specifications Leak Online, Coming Soon!

It’s expected to come with a 1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor and 4K120P slow motion shooting!

On July 23rd, DJI made a significant announcement, revealing their plans for an upcoming product launch conference. Scheduled to take place at 18:30 on July 25, adhering to the Indian Standard Time, this highly-anticipated event is expected to unveil their latest innovations.

Accompanying the announcement was a captivating teaser poster, intriguingly hinting at the presence of “dual cameras” and suggesting the introduction of a prominent “protagonist.”

dji action 4 leaks

These cryptic clues have sparked speculation that the event will likely feature the introduction of the much-awaited DJI Air 3 drone, raising expectations for a groundbreaking advancement in drone technology and aerial photography.

In parallel to the excitement surrounding the DJI Air 3, a reputable source named “@camerainsider” shared intriguing news about the “OSMO Action 4.”

Speculation is rife that this new product will also be unveiled during the press conference, adding to the anticipation and fuelling excitement among enthusiasts.

Leaked information regarding the OSMO Action 4 sheds light on its potential features. It is rumoured to boast a remarkable 1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor, promising exceptional image quality. The camera’s 155° f/2.8 lens is expected to offer impressive wide-angle shots and superior clarity.

Video enthusiasts have reason to be thrilled as well. The OSMO Action 4 is anticipated to support 4K video at 60 frames per second, delivering outstanding video quality with vivid detail. Furthermore, it is rumoured to offer an exciting 4K slow-motion capability at 120 frames per second, promising stunning and cinematic motion capture.

For professional videographers seeking enhanced creative control, the OSMO Action 4 may offer 10-bit video capture and the revered D-Log M profile, enabling meticulous colour grading during post-production.

Among the camera’s standout features is its revolutionary 360° horizon stabilisation, ensuring smooth and steady footage, enhancing visual appeal, and eliminating unwanted camera shake.

Notably, the OSMO Action 4 is said to have a water resistance capacity of up to 18 meters, making it a compelling choice for underwater photography and capturing aquatic adventures.

With a lightweight design, weighing just 145 grams, the OSMO Action 4 aims to be a portable and user-friendly option for those on the move, providing convenience without compromising performance.

Having released the successful OSMO Action 3 last September, DJI’s legacy of innovation continues to inspire expectations for their forthcoming products.

With the imminent launch of the DJI Air 3 and the potential unveiling of the OSMO Action 4, the photography and videography community eagerly awaits these cutting-edge advancements, certain to set new industry standards and fuel enthusiasm among professionals and hobbyists alike.

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DJI OSMO Action 4 Specifications Leak Online, Coming Soon!

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