Downloading Videos from YouTube, legal or illegal?

YouTube is world’s most popular video streaming website which host millions of videos and we all love it very dearly and use it almost everyday, at least that’s what I do. A lot of time this happens that I find a video which I like a lot and want to save it in my phone or pc so to access it any time and anywhere. I’m sure you all have faced this at least once. But sadly we have to stream those videos every time because we cannot download any videos from YouTube, at least not officially. Actually there are a lot of YouTube video downloaders on internet for every kind of device. But the question here is not how to download those YouTube videos, the question is, whether downloading Videos from YouTube is legal or illegal? I’m sure most of you’ve asked this question or searched about it on Google, but there’s a dearth of information on this topic and its pretty much a grey area to deal with.

Downloading Videos from YouTube: The details!

Downloading Videos from YouTube is it piracy

But let us allow to clear your confusion for once and all and tell you whether downloading YouTube videos is legal or illegal. So without further delays, here’s what the officials say about this.

“You agree not to access Content for any reason other than your personal, non-commercial use solely as intended through and permitted by the normal functionality of the Service, and solely for Streaming. “Streaming” means a contemporaneous digital transmission of the material by YouTube via the Internet to a user operated Internet enabled device in such a manner that the data is intended for real-time viewing and not intended to be downloaded (either permanently or temporarily), copied, stored, or redistributed by the user. “You shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licencors of the Content.”

So, you can see that those videos are just for streaming and not to be downloaded and reproduced without any permissions from the authorised owner of the content. But how does this system work?  Well as you all know people upload their videos on YouTube and in return YouTube pays them a percentage of whatever that video earns from revenues. But from where does YouTube get its money? (hint- they are annoying and everywhere.)

Yes right, ads.

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Whenever you click on a video, you can click on the ads related to and YouTube earns from you on every click. But when you download that video, you no longer generate revenue for them. But what are we actually doing?  We are just skipping those ads, and no court in world can punish you for skipping an ad.

So what this means is while it’s illegal to download and reproduce YouTube videos for monetary benefits, there is no harm in keeping them up saved for your personal usage. So, keep that in mind when you next see any YouTube video and till then keep visiting Inspire2rise for more such updates.

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Downloading Videos from YouTube, legal or illegal?

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  1. You are right Aditya No Court in World will Punish for Skipping Ads.. lol 😛
    and if you dont want ads you can use adblocking extensions.


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