Dual sim iPhones might be a reality soon as new leaks confirm second sim slot!

Finally a real reason for us to jump to the iOS bandwagon!

From a ton of rumours and sources, we already know that there will be three iPhones launched this fall. There’s one specific feature that a lot of Apple users have been waiting for since time immemorial. It’s the ability to use two sims at once. Dual sim iPhones have been a dream ever since the first iPhones were announced. In markets like USA and Europe, a lot of people don’t even use the second sim so it makes sense.

But in countries like India, Nigeria, Egypt and Brazil almost everyone uses dual sim smartphones. It makes a lot of sense for Apple to make one single unit with the dual sim functionality. By making just 1 out of the 3 launches with dual sim option Apple can boost sales for that particular variant. But this would be a bad move as most markets see dual sim as a must-have feature and limiting it to a particular variant might cause a lot of backlash and criticism for Apple.

The inclusion of such a feature has been rumoured since ages. But this time confirmation has been found from Apple themselves. There’s some code in the developer beta 5 of iOS 12 which shows that there’s a second sim status now and also “second sim tray status”.

apple dual sim iphone support


Some other part of the code also talks about a “dual sim device” in particular. This is enough proof that Apple is building the required software support for dual SIM features right into iOS 12. Mentioning a second SIM tray also goes on to show that the new device would have two physical sim slots and not just the ability to use an actual SIM card with an eSIM.

Rumours from the past suggested that only the most expensive and biggest of the 2018 iPhone models would have a dual-SIM variant. And even that too would be available for specific regions. It would still be a better option for people who use two SIMs.

dual sim iphones might be a reality soon

But personally, I would love to see a low-cost iPhone with the dual SIM option as that would be the dream smartphone of many in developing nations! Such a phone would also be great for people who travel a lot to different countries and have to keep a local SIM card of the place they visit in order to use cheaper plans!

Apple predominantly had sales from countries like the USA and single sim smartphones are more popular there hence they never felt the need to make dual sim smartphones. But as times are changing and more and more people are embracing the trend of dual sim smartphones it’s likely that from now on most iPhones would be dual sim ones.

The Apple HomePod would also receive some new functionality as is evident from the code of the new beta. You would get the ability to make phone calls directly using the HomePod. Right now the process is quite long and complex!

ios 12 beta homepod direct calling features

The HomePod would get this new feature along with Calendar support when the new iOS 12 update drops in September. The above screenshot confirms the ability to make calls!


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Dual sim iPhones might be a reality soon as new leaks confirm second sim slot!

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