Duolingo Data Breach: Hackers Demand $2.13 for 2.6 Million User Records!

As of August 26th, reports indicate that hackers have recently been vending the personal data of 2.6 million Duolingo users on dark web forums. The compromised information includes user account names, actual names, email addresses, and other relevant internal data.

Initially, these data sets were put up for sale on the Breached hacker forum in January 2023, with a price tag of $1,500 (Approximately ₹123,941.52). However, the corresponding posts were eventually closed.

duolingo falcon feeds forum

Subsequently, VX-Underground discovered another hacker retailing the same data on the Falcon Feeds forum. Surprisingly, this hacker was only requesting a nominal price of $2.13 (approximately 176 Rupees) or the equivalent of eight forum site credits.

The data was acquired through a publicly accessible application programming interface (API) that has been openly shared since at least March 2023. This API allows anyone to input a username and retrieve public information pertaining to that user.

It also enables users to obtain emails and validate associated Duolingo accounts.

troy hunt duolingo update

The developer named Troy Hunt who is the creator of “Have I been Pwned” has integrated the data of these 2.6 million Duolingo users into the Have I Been Pwned website.

We have provided a link here for Duolingo users to verify if their personal information has been compromised.

Duolingo is a highly esteemed language learning platform, boasting over 74 million active users per month globally. But we can’t say for sure whether such a data breach will impact their reputation really hard or not. This is something that only time can answer. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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Duolingo Data Breach: Hackers Demand $2.13 for 2.6 Million User Records!

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