EaseUS Data recovery softwares for Windows and Mac


Data is one of the most treasured components of modern digital lives. It’s easier these days to part with your physical belongings rather than part with your precious data. Why data is so precious to the modern digital human being can be answered simply as it can be anything from that song you like, to the latest blog post you might be working on. The implications of loosing data are too many and more often than not people end up having multiple storage solutions in order to save and protect their data. This often leads to inflated costs of working and people would need to invest in decent storage solutions apart from their primary working needs.

Even after doing all this sometimes the inevitable happens and your storage solutions crash, OS gets corrupt or some other tech disaster happens and you end up loosing all your data.

More often than not this is a situation that many people working in the IT industry as well as normal home users face these days. What to do in such a situation is often complex. People resort to giving up hope altogether many a times as they feel it would not be worth the time and money to invest in an IT professional who can get their data back using some means which are almost equivalent to magic for them.

But the guys at EaseUS have developed a wonderful data recovery software which is available for both Mac and Windows. With their mac data recovery software it’s easy even for OS X users to get their lost files and the free recovery software for Windows also works great!

Here’s what the Free recovery software page looks like in it’s entirety.

easeus free recovery software

And this is what the page for the Mac recovery software looks like. You can notice the different pricing as well as other related information about both the softwares on their respective pages and we have linked to them in the starting of this post as well.

easeus data recovery software for mac

The data recovery software for Windows is free and the paid variant starts at a price of $69.95. The data recovery software for Mac is also available in free as well as paid versions. The paid version starts at $89.95 and does offer solid functionality at this price!

So guys this was all for this post, don’t forget to comment about this awesome software in case you use it. Do like and share this post on your social networks and no matter what you do, stay inspired to rise!


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