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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard review: Gets the job done

Data is the modern currency. What Data is to the modern world is equivalent to what Gold was in the medieval times. The full extent of data can only be understood by those who daily deal with tons of sensitive data or people who have witnessed a breach of their sensitive data in the recent times. Earlier there was only spyware, adware, viruses etc. but right now there is a new threat in the form of ransomwares. But most of the issues arise when people don’t have proper backups of their data. These issues can easily be mitigated in case we have proper measures in place. Most of the time normal people like us don’t have such tools in place and this often leads to loss of data and in many cases it can be really bad both in terms of economical terms as well as in terms of loss of privacy! So today at Inspire2rise we are going to talk about EaseUS Data Recovery wizard and how can it help you to avoid the above mentioned situations.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard features: Overview.

Let’s talk about the common use cases when you would loose you data. These situations involve things like formatting your hard disk, accidental deletion, hard drive damage, virus attacks, Operating system crashes or errors (infamous Blue Screen of Death), cases of partition loss or RAW partitions etc.
Most of the above cases can happen to almost anyone at any point of time, hard drive damage is something that can happen to most of the mechanical hard drives after some point of time or few years of usage.
The EaseUS recovery software is available as a free data recovery software but there are paid versions also available where in there are some extra features. There’s a limit of 2 GB data on the amount that can be recovered using the free version. Here’s a brief comparison of the different data recovery softwares by EaseUS.

The whole process of using the software is very easy and it can be done by anyone. Here’s a short graphic which can guide you on how to use this software!


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