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Eccentricity – Why you need it ?


Eccentricity – Quality of the different and Why you need it ?

Every person needs it and you too have discovered that at some times. That when you are at your best you certainly don’t act normal.

That rush, the passion, the desire to achieve, to do something beyond imagination all stem from one quality- “ECCENTRICITY“.
Eccentricity literally means craziness for a thing,work or as a whole an attribute of life.
Throughout the history of mankind all who made their presence felt had an eccentricity overdose. Whether it was Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga. You need that eccentric switch inside you to rise above the levels of the ordinary.
Eccentric people are always the ones perceived as without logic, senseless, mad beings but they indeed are the ones who bring the change.
There’s a very thin line between madness and eccentricity, often it’s almost impossible to tell whether that snoopy person you know is indeed mad or just being eccentric.
Now, being eccentric doesn’t mean that you start running around like idiots and do anything and everything you please but it means that you

add that extra zing to every GIG of your life.

An eccentric person doesn’t know about success or failure he/she just lives in the moment and knows that he/she has to do what is to be done at that moment with full focus and zeal.
That’s the essence of ECCENTRICITY and that what makes an eccentric person stand apart from the crowd.
So, what are you waiting for BE ECCENTRIC for your dreams,your goals, your life .
We all have one CHANCE, don’t we! Let’s make that count.

Stay inspired to rise. And do remember that at the end of the day – You are the one who can change the world. A little bit of eccentricity might do the trick.

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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