Indian Gaming Industry Booms: EY-Loco Gamer Survey 2023 Reveals Increased Consumer Willingness to Pay for Subscriptions

Insights From the Survey: Nearly Two Thirds of Respondents Willing to Invest in Subscription-Based Gaming

Loco, a leading esports and live-streaming platform, recently conducted an extensive survey to gain insights into the gaming preferences and habits of Indian gamers. The EY-Loco Gamer Survey 2023, which had over 13,000 answers from India’s gaming community, is one of the largest in the business.

The results of the theEY-Loco Gamer Survey 2023  offer a thorough overview of the state of the gaming industry, taking into account market trends, customer preferences, and behavioural evolution.

The poll, titled “Trends in Online Gaming,” provides insight into the changing demographics and profile of gamers and highlights the significance of game accessibility to draw in and keep a broad player base.

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Additionally, it draws attention to the rising interest in competitive gaming experiences and the potential for expansion of the sector in India.

Some important findings of the EY-Loco Gamer Survey 2023 include:

  • Increasing Willingness to Pay for Subscriptions:

    Nearly two-thirds were ready to pay for gaming memberships. This shows that Indian gamers are becoming more willing to pay for premium gaming experiences.

    This shift in consumer behaviour coincides with the availability of high-speed data and inexpensive payments to the vast majority of Indian customers thanks to advancements in delivery infrastructure via 5G and payment system evolution via UPI.
  • Higher In-App Purchases:

    Over half of the respondents were open to in-app purchases, providing an opportunity for developers to create suitable monetization strategies.
  • Gaming is the Preferred Entertainment:

    Indian online gamers are transitioning from casual to serious gameplay, with 45% of respondents spending over an hour per session. Despite working in an office, nearly half of the respondents said they spent more time gaming, indicating a growing interest in serious gaming.
  • Rising Popularity of Esports:

    The survey found that esports is gaining popularity in India, with almost 61% of respondents reporting participation in or viewing esports events at least once per month.

In response to the survey, Loco founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh said,

“We are grateful to the thousands of Loco users who participated in this landmark survey. This survey helps industry players like game developers, advertisers and investors develop a better understanding of the Indian gamer and drive business impact. We aim to continue gathering insights that will help shape the future of gaming in India.”

Source: The EY-Loco Gamer Survey from the EY-FICCI Media & Entertainment

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Indian Gaming Industry Booms: EY-Loco Gamer Survey 2023 Reveals Increased Consumer Willingness to Pay for Subscriptions

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