Facebook buying Whatsapp : Top tech news of the week !

Facebook buying Whatsapp : Top tech news of the week !

facebook buying whatsapp

Facebook buying whatsapp : Sounds too difficult to digest, doesn’t it! Well that’s a news being backed up by some pretty reliable sources.

(Facebook buying whatsapp)

Well that”s the news doing the rounds on the internet. Social media giant Facebook is going to buy the immensely popular cross platform messaging app Whatsapp (facebook buying whatsapp). As Facebook had said that it has reached the first billion people it wanted to and mobile is the way to go to add another billion people. So eyeing Whatsapp seems like a natural move.

(Facebook buying whatsapp.)

Why the need to do so ? – Expansion in mobile market. ( Is Facebook buying whatsapp ? We too don’t know yet ! )

Facebook had already bought the extremely popular image sharing app- Instagram. And it needs to gain a foothold in the mobile market because as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook said,

“The big thing is obviously going to be mobile. There are 5 billion people in the world, who have phones.” ( #Facebook buying whatsapp)

Another detail worth consideration is that Facebook ‘s 14% of total revenue comes from mobile advertisements and mobile users. Buying Whatsapp could enhance it to the next level.

Whatsapp – The silent SMS killer.

facebook buying whatsapp

( Facebook buying whatsapp. )

Whatsapp has carved a niche for itself within two years since the app was launched. At the current stage Whatsapp has around 100 million users spread across 100 countries over 750+ mobile networks all across the world. Going by what is claimed by company officials, Whatsapp has already touched the 10 billion mark in August 2012. These impressive figures are more than sufficient to suggest that Facebook would like to reach more users by adding new features to its already long report-ire and expanding its operation base.

( You are reading- Facebook buying whatsapp - Top tech news of the week. )

Usability Factor :

WhatsApp can be used on all major mobile operating systems such as iOS, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry this is the one feature which sets it apart from the rest of the lot.

However, neither of the companies (Facebook or WhatsApp) has acknowledged any of the rumors spreading in media regarding this acquisition. So, keep visiting to get more updates regarding this.

The Other Outlook : Why Facebook might just want to kill Whatsapp. :

Just yesterday Facebook launched a competitor to Whatsapp from it’s own stable – Facebook messenger for android. It is fully functional even without a Facebook account or email address and it lets non Facebook users also to sign up with just their names and phone numbers. This feature is initially available only in India, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Venezuela. It is not currently available for feature phones, but it will be soon and the icing on the cake is that it’s free.

“Facebook wishes to release this great free, phone-number-based Messenger on iOS and to the greater global mobile market as early as possible.”,

Facebook’s Peter Deng had said. (# Facebook buying whatsapp .)

The future of Mobile messaging is quite unsure ahead, but we at Inspire2rise.com want that whatever these giants do, in the end we the consumers should benefit and not loose out in their wars. Facebook buying whatsapp or not even the discussion of something of this scale stirs up the tech world. Let’s see what course the future of Mobile Tech takes in the coming weeks.
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UPDATE : Facebook has announced that it is going to buy Whatsapp, no speculation this time : Facebook buying whatsapp for $16 BILLION. This is the news you have been looking for.


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