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Facebook adds categorized classification buttons for news

Facebook adds news classification buttons

Facebook has been the dead centre of innovation in social media since the past few years. Every surprising new feature that can grab user’s attention and retain users is being seen on Facebook first. This is one of the reasons that Facebook hasn’t failed yet or become a thing of past till yet. Quite some time ago Facebook had introduced a change which showed news and latest trending things worldwide on a side ticker just below the event invites and birthday notifications.

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Now Facebook has introduced categorization in these categories where in the news has been sorted according to the topic of the news.

So as you can see in the below screeshot, the categories are “All News”, “Politics”, “Science and technology”, “Sports” and “Entertainment.”

Facebook provides markers for different news sources
Have you seen this change yet? Has it been rolled out in your area, if yes then do comment so that we can get a fair idea of the distribution of this roll out!

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