Facebook Changes layout for Chrome- Bigger is Better

Social networking giant Facebook changes layout. The bigger the better. Today only the change has been rolled out. Whether it’s a permanent change or temporary tweak is not yet known.

Facebook Changes layout for Chrome- Bigger is Better. Inspire2rise Tech article of the day! © INSPIRE2RISE.COM 2013.

In the new layout the login section has witnessed a change in dimensions. As can be seen in the below photograph it is clearly visible that this is in keeping with the touch friendly UI that we all are now accustomed to.

facebook changes layout login size


As can be seen the Login button now has smooth edges. It’s bigger and more pleasing to the eye than before. As well as we can easily see the difference in the color scheme of the Login button. It has a CSS shadow to it which is of a different color than before. The Email or phone type box and password type box have been made bigger and they too sport rounded edges.

Personally we at Inspire2rise think that this is done in keeping with the Windows 8 sparked touch PC trend. This user interface of Facebook will specially be a delight for those who will run in it in the new UI of Windows 8 on Internet Explorer 10, which is according to a recent PC-mag article  the fastest browser on the planet. Provided that they make it the permanent UI across all browsers.

For the common user though it’s now big issue, just that now it will not be difficult to point the cursor to that small cramped place of the previous Facebook layout.

Facebook changes layout and now I think that it was desperately needed also.

“Change is the only thing constant in this world.”

So only time will tell now whether the users liked this change or it was a plain silly trick to them. Personally we at Inspire2rise.com loved the smooth edges.

Sadly enough the change is not visible in IE 10 desktop version, i.e non metro. So it was not that cool.

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Facebook Changes layout for Chrome- Bigger is Better

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