Facebook probably going to patent skin toning and karaoke feature

Facebook is working on patenting two exclusive features to enrich the user experience on the app.


Facebook had filed two patents earlier which were made public now. According to these two filings, two new features may be coming to the Facebook app very soon which will let users hide skin imperfections and have a mini-teleprompter-like feature in the app.

The first patent is regarding a process for ‘toning skin’ in videos or images in real-time. This indicates that Facebook might be working to make this feature an exclusive one so that people can look artificially beautiful without using makeup.

The patent filing reveals that Facebook has claimed that the feature will remove blemishes and fine-tune the images or videos, without scrapping important image details. The filing mentions that the feature would help in removing ‘skin blemishes, wrinkles, discolourations, and uneven surfaces’.

The second patent is regarding a karaoke feature which will let any user live streaming create preset notes, which they can view while streaming. It is somewhat close to the teleprompter and users will be able to add any kind of information like reminders or scripts. The patent also hints to karaoke. There is no explicit mention of it in the patent filling but there are a few references to song lyrics and there is a mention of ‘karaoke’ in one of the images.

The filing mentions, “This functionality may allow the user to deliver a live broadcast with the aid of a prepared script using a single device and to read the script while looking in the direction of an I/O device capturing a video of the user.”

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Written by Ankit Jha

Ankit is a geek from New Delhi who loves smartphones, games and everything tech. When he's not busy writing here you can find him playing PUBG on his phone!


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