Facebook says Instagram has no negative impact on teens!

Facebook: Instagram has no negative impact on teenage girls!

In the morning news on September 30, it was reported that the testimony prepared by Facebook showed that at the US Senate hearing, Facebook was going to use an internal investigation to emphasize one point: girls will feel better after using Instagram App.

Previously it was reported that Instagram has a negative impact on the mental health of young users, Facebook Viewers will refute this view in the Senate hearing.

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global security director, will participate in the hearing. Facebook has emphasized that it will further protect children and teenagers. For example, Instagram sets the accounts of users under 16 as private accounts by default. Weiss will introduce these policies in detail.

facebook says instagram has no mental health impacts

Facebook’s internal research shows that among those girls who said they felt sad recently, 57% claimed that Instagram made them betteramong those who felt lonely, 51% claimed that Instagram had a positive impact on them.

P.S: If you take the author’s two cents social apps like Facebook and Instagram are vastly detrimental to the mental health of any individual if used in excess. As shown by recent movies like The Social Dilemma and few other real-life cases as well, we are all surrounded by an excess of social media and a world shaped entirely by too many shares. So guys, what are your personal thoughts on the same? Do let us know in the comments section below! Do feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and our push notifications in order to receive more such news on a timely basis!

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Facebook says Instagram has no negative impact on teens!

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