Mozilla FireFox new icons out now with simpler design!

Convey significant change in the brand’s messaging!

According to Mozilla official news, the Firefox series has officially adopted a new icon. It’s a more concise and modern design. Many people who use the Firefox browser know that the browser puts privacy first. Now, Firefox wants to integrate a range of products and services. Firefox has a browser and also has a cryptographic service. For example: If your email has been compromised, Firefox will issue a warning in advance. Its security and privacy features are commendable. This is one of the primary reasons that a lot of people still use Firefox browser as their sole browsing app of choice.

mozilla firefox new icons for apps

Now that the Firefox series has a new look, Mozilla today officially announced the launch of a new Firefox product line icon. This included the Firefox browser, Firefox encryption service and more. The look with the new icon is expected to be available this fall. It’s worth noting that the classic Fox logo for the Firefox browser continues to be retained. Hence it won’t really be a major branding difference for the FireFox browser.

firefox new design gradient
FireFox’s new design gradient colours.

A brand new palette with a wide range of colours and a unique gradient is being used now by Mozilla. New geometric shapes for beautiful background patterns, dot patterns, motion graphics and pictograms are also now in use.

firefox new design

The newly designed fonts look rounder and echo the change done in icons.

firefox monitor new icon design

Mozilla said the new brand is built on four pillars: Being radical, friendly, open and determined. So guys what do you think about this change in Mozilla’s branding? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Mozilla FireFox new icons out now with simpler design!

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