How to Fix AirPods Pro Battery Drain Issues?

Is one of your buds getting discharged earlier than the other?

  1. Introduction
    • Brief overview of the issue with AirPods Pro battery drain
    • Acknowledgment of the expected functionality versus experience
  2. Understanding the Problem
    • Explanation of the AirPods Pro feature related to noise cancellation
    • Insight into how the microphone usage in either earbud affects battery life
    • Observations from research on how the first earbud was removed influence this
  3. Simple Solution
    • Step-by-step guide on alternating which AirPod Pro bud to take out first
    • The rationale behind how this method balances battery usage
  4. Conclusion
    • Hope for a future fix from Apple
    • Final thoughts on managing the issue with the current workaround


Many AirPods Pro users have encountered an odd issue where one earbud’s battery drains faster than the other. Ideally, both earbuds should deplete their batteries at an equal rate, but real-world usage has revealed discrepancies. This guide explores the root of this problem and offers a simple workaround.

Understanding the Problem

The AirPods Pro boasts a noise cancellation feature that utilizes the microphones in both earbuds to detect and mitigate environmental noise. Apple claims this feature dynamically chooses between the microphones in each earbud to prevent uneven battery drain. However, through extensive research, it’s been discovered that the earbud removed first from the charging case is more likely to be chosen for noise cancellation duties. For instance, if you habitually take out the left earbud first, it may suffer from faster battery depletion over time.

Simple Solution

To counteract this imbalance, try this straightforward fix:

  1. Be Mindful: Start by acknowledging your habitual pattern of which AirPod Pro bud you usually take out first.
  2. Alternate: Make a conscious effort to alternate the order in which you remove the earbuds from the case. If you typically start with the left, take out the right one first next time, and vice versa.
  3. Consistency: Continually practicing this alternating method helps ensure both earbuds share the noise-canceling responsibilities equally, leading to more balanced battery usage.
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While we hope Apple addresses this issue in a future software update, this simple workaround can help mitigate the battery drain problem in your AirPods Pro. By altering your usage habit slightly, you can enjoy more consistent battery life from both earbuds.


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How to Fix AirPods Pro Battery Drain Issues?

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