For You – a Candid Confession From a Lover

Honestly, this article is not at all inspirational or technical.
This article contains the burden of feelings I have inside my heart.

Well, I have no idea about love/romance or any term related to these words. I am a very simple guy, with a very little heart maybe and it needs lots of courage to explain my feelings over here.
I want to thanks basically my Friend/Brother/Head ANJ , who allow me to write my first article of this kind @ inspire2rise.
I have never gone through this, never ever I guess. I was wondering from past several days whether I should do this or not. Here it goes…

You, Basically I can’t describe you. Never had an idea that  you are so good/special kind of person, I have a typical brain filled with lots of junk related to everything but I don’t know how it just stops whenever I wanted to have a conversation with you.

You may noticed several times, that I randomly text you.. any random thing/total off topic, basically I had no idea how to talk to you. All I wanted is a talk with you, some time with you.

Honestly, you inspired me to write this. I have a very coward heart, it will never speak up especially may not in front of you.
With this article its not like “I want to win your heart or wanted to do something heroic etc” I am a very boring kind of person ,well there is a very short list of people I talk to or share things with. Some  people think I have an attitude problem or I am just an arrogant person as I never become a part of any irrelevant topic, and it might be a reason for me being unsocial.
I can’t say that I am in love or what, usually people all had is just attraction, but its not attraction maybe, basically the most attractive thing for me is your smile.

All I can say is that I don’t want to lose such a person as you are to me. I never knew you will be so good to me. I am 200% sure if it was someone else, I would have never done this because then it will be just attraction, you are not an attraction for me. You are much more than that.
I remember when you asked me “isn’t there any other girl in my college etc.”. I replied to it in a funny way, but the answer I should say this time is that no one else is equivalent to you.

Well, I have no idea what you think who I am.. I just wanted to express myself.
The main problem with me is that I am typically little negative, and always get tensed thinking about the other side of facts.

When I was thinking about writing this, I seriously didn’t think about the bad side. This was maybe because I know how positive you are towards life, and I mean it.

You are really awesome and seriously I can feel that awesomeness when I talk to you.

Its just my feelings towards you, I have nothing to prove to you that makes me superior than others. I am just a very simple guy, wanted to have you always with me.
All I can ask from god is that no one can steal your smile (even me).

Honestly, this was really tough for me. I can ensure you that anyone who reads this, you have no idea who you are.
Because I know who you are, Awesome :).

Wanted to thanks again ANJ.

ANJ, bro you always encouraged me to try new things and I know how many mistakes I do every time, its just you are so nice that you always willing to teach me and inspire me to do things.

Thank you for everything.

– – – –
This is and we cover everything under the sun!

August 2023- Editor’s Note: We never touched this article or edited even a grammatical mistake in it. Because in a way it shows the purity of Teenage love.

I am a QA/QMS Lead and was a mechanical and automation engineering student. A hardcore gamer and master in the Age of Empire, and always ready to learn and create new things. I love challenges and like to face them upfront.

For You – a Candid Confession From a Lover

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