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Free Fire’s Street Fighter V crossover enters its Final Round on 10 July!

free fire street fighter collaboration

– Get ready to show the results of your training and K.O. your enemies.

– Ryu’s iconic outfit lands in Free Fire; unlock his costume before 18 July.

– Claim exclusive themed items just by playing Free Fire, including the Pet Skin: SF  Shiba and Pan- Street Fighter; the Ryu Backpack; and Ryu T-Shirt.

Free Fire’s Street Fighter V crossover event enters its Final Round on 10  July. Since the “Free Fighter” campaign kicked off on 2 July, players have charged a ton of energy honing their skills. Now, with the crossover’s epic peak day fast approaching, Street  Fighter stalwarts Ryu and Chun-Li are inviting players to unleash the results of their training and K.O. their enemies.  

Plenty of exciting in-game activities and content await players, including the chance to claim time-limited Street Fighter V-exclusive items such as Ryu’s iconic outfit! 

Battle in Ryu’s iconic outfit from 9 July 

From 9 July, players will get the opportunity to add Ryu’s iconic outfit to their wardrobes.  Comprising his battle-worn white karate gi, red headband, and red gloves, his stylish outfit will enable players to channel Ryu’s warrior spirit as they charge onto the battlefield. But that’s not all, players will also get the chance to unlock the Hadouken emote with the Ryu bundle! 

Unlock themed items for free before 18th July 

Players will get the chance to add a host of time-limited Street Fighter V items to their collection for free just by logging into Free Fire and completing the various in-game missions and activities from 2- 18 July. These will include exclusive themed skins such as the Pet Skin:  SF Shiba and Pan- Street Fighter; the Ryu Backpack; and Ryu T-Shirt, just to name a few.

Street Fighter V Pan 

Ryu Backpack

Pet Skin: SF Shiba 

Street Fighter is a fighting video game franchise developed and published by Capcom and is one of the world’s highest-grossing video game franchises of all time. It has sold 46 million units worldwide as of 31 March 2021. Street Fighter V was released for the PlayStation 4  and PC in 2016. 

Free Fire is an immersive battle royale game created specifically for mobile gamers.  Developed and published globally by Garena, Free Fire achieved a record high of over 100  million peak daily active users in 20201.  

“Free Fighter” has all these and more! Free Fire can be downloaded on both the Apple iOS App and Google Play store.

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