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Because I believe in Free hosting WordPress!

Sample this, you wake up one morning with a strange idea in your head. And now that you know what to do, you think about all the required resources for the project. Domain name – just 2$ – Check. A killer theme, free themes are available all over – check. Hosting, now that’s the problem. You just want to start out on a project, maybe it could be the next big thing. Maybe you just need a starting point to work from. But you can’t afford to buy a hosting for your project. Well, worry not. We at Inspire2rise will share with you the best free hosting WordPress guide to kick start your new projects.

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Free hosting WordPress guide : A round up of the good and the not so good!

  • Biz.nf ( PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla and support for other scripts. Free .co.nf domain, No ads. )

Biz.nf makes for one of the best free hosting to make a small sized project with limited bandwidth needs. 250 Mb is the given space and 5000 MB is the provided bandwidth. The best part with this hosting is that you get a co.nf domain for free and you can start building a website right away. And when you need to shift you can transfer the database and files through phpmyadmin and file manager. Because backups are not available for the free plan. There’s also another catch with this plan. I couldn’t find a way to host our existing domain on Biz.nf, apart from that it’s excellent! It has a 2 MB limit in PHP.

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It supports everything well same as the others. But the given space is 200 Mb and bandwidth is 4000 MB. And they also give a 99.8% up time guarantee. Support for scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc. is also there.

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You get extra options like email sending and the rest features are almost same as across the rest. You get 250 MB disk space, 5 GB of bandwidth. Option to host a single domain and 3 sub-domains. You get option to host one database. It’s ad free like the above services. And support for custom scripts is also present.

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  • Biz.ly (Website & Blog builder, Photo album, Free .biz.ly domain)

You get a free biz.ly domain. Options for photo album. Support for all the blog scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc. They only provide a meager 50 Mb of web space. They provide 1000 Mb of monthly bandwidth.

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  • FreeHostia.com ( PHP, MySQL, 1-click Scripts, No Ads, Free sub domain. )

250 MB disk space, 6 GB bandwidth alongwith 3 POP3/IMAP E-mails looked quite fine to me. This is their chocolate plan which is free. You get ability to host a single database up to 10 MB for free. Scripts are included like the others.

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  • ByetHost.com (PHP, MySQL, PHPbb, SMF, Wiki, Free sub domain. )

You get 1 GB disk space with 50 GB monthly bandwidth. They have 24×7 support and ticket support system too. They also provide a free sub-domain and 10 MB is the maximum file size limit.

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  • x10Hosting.com (Support cPanel, PHP, FTP, No ads, Free sub domain)

One of the best free web hosting providers out there. x10hosting is available only to those outside India. Indians have been banned from x10hosting because of unknown reasons. We tried proxies, Tor etc. but could not register. They have some premium features available such as advanced DNS editor, remote mysql and postgreSQL too.
Adorabletab.com by Prateek is hosted on x10hosting and quality speaks for itself.

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  • Yola.com (Visual website builder, add videos, photos, shopping cart. )

Yola is also a free host but only good for creating drag and drop website. It doesn’t support scripts. So, it has only been included for making this list comprehensive.

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They are not that good when compared to others. File limits are too much. But you can give them a try. Avoyas.com is hosted on 000webhost and is a partner of the Inspire2rise network.

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We started Cacheable.co on 1freehosting and then we are suffering downtime since then. It has been easy to set up everything on them. But they are down most of the time. I don’t know whether this is the constant state of their hosting service or only recent errors. Although they provide disk space of 10 gb and bandwidth of 100 gb but most of the time their hosting is inaccessible.

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  • Freewebhosting ( Free reliable hosting. )

Freewebhosting.com provides 10 GB of free ad-free hosting. And it also provides 250 GB of monthly bandwidth. They provide Cpanel and other custom features for use along with their basic goodies and add-ons.

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  • 5gbfree.com ( Reliable, up time good and better than others for limited storage. )

They have robust hosting as compared to others. You get 5 GB of free storage and 20 GB bandwidth apart from other features an added benefit is that they use cloud Linux operating system. This ensures that no matter how much the server load your account would never be down.

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  • Wix.com (Easy Website builder: html5, Flash, mobile, blogs, etc.)

Wix.com and like wise another site Webs.com allows people to create a free website using their own drag and drop builder. They also give to you a custom free domain. It’s good for people with limited knowledge of scripts.

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Now these four shared below are like the cream of web hosting for free. These are bound to not disappoint you. Have a closer look at these options from our Free hosting WordPress guide.

Free hosting WordPress guide : The golden ones.

  • Heliohost – It is one of the best when it comes to the number of features available. It has some unique options also available such as asp.net, JAVA, SSL, advanced DNS manager. Once cpanel starts supporting IPV6 they have plans to provide IPv6 addresses for free. The web space provided is 500 MB. But it will be more than enough for many people. But large resources can always be saved elsewhere like Drop-box or Google Drive.
  • Youhosting – It is also very good. But has a limit of 8 MB file size. Space is plenty with 10 GB of free hosting and a whooping 100 GB bandwidth. They also offer the option for reseller hosting with ability to offer free account to others.  And if you become a regular contributor to their forums then you may get access to unlimited resources too!
You are reading - Free hosting WordPress guide to kick start your projects.
  • Serversfree – They are unique from the others because they have official support for large multimedia files. Hosting companies suspend free accounts if a website starts to consume too much resources. But they don’t do so in general. You get a head start with 10 GB of space and 100 GB of bandwidth. Via their referral program a user can also upgrade to Serversfree’s premium service absolutely for free.
  • Myownfreehost – They allow you to use free domains like .tk and .co.cc unlike YouHosting and are pretty good.
You are reading - Free hosting WordPress guide to kick start your projects.

Due to time constraints and the hassle of making an account on all of the above sites we could not test each and every site personally. But you must keep in mind that it’s a free hosting service and would work only up to a specific load. If you really want to go pro or do something big, then you must buy at least a decent hosting. Hosting providers like Dreamhost, Hostgator, Bluehost etc. are really good even at  their economy plans.

These hosting providers may change their terms and conditions or features with time. We are not responsible for any changes in the information. And host your precious project only on trusted free providers. Some free providers like 1freehosting have limits on how much you can access the server etc. So keep in mind that it’s free but not entirely free.

Have any query or doubt regarding Free hosting WordPress guide then do comment. Also check out a list of best web hosting services compiled by Blogggersideas here. We are not sitting here all day to help you. But be assured that your questions shall not go unanswered.

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