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  1. Thanks a lot admin i am fried up in searching free hosting services all the time till now i found some of them and they are not worthy now after a long time seeing this post so it will help new bies like me to set up their websites on free hosting providers.

  2. Is it just me or is this page constantly moving up and down for anyone else? lol

    Anyway, I wanted to give my input – I run a freemium WP Host, at, with awesome features – but more importantly, we provide quality and responsive support.

    1. Yes, we are facing an issue with the page moving up and down after you scroll down a bit.
      We will rectify it and look into your freemium web hosting service!

      1. Sounds good, thanks for that =) .

        It looks like you can disable nrelate as a temporary fix until you find the problem.

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