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How to do FRP Bypass, APK Download for Android Latest Version (2023)

google FRP Bypass APK download for Android latest version (2018)

FRP Bypass tool, which is more commonly known as FRP bypass APK is a tool used for bypassing Google’s factory reset protection. In case you ever forget your Google account’s password after doing a factory reset then this can come in handy. You can use this FRP bypass method shared by us here in order to solve your problem. In this comprehensive guide, we will share everything we know about the FRP bypass APK. We will also share detailed instructions on how to use it.

A lot of users face the problem of factory reset protection and often they are unable to find methods to bypass the Google Factory reset protection on their Android smartphones.

What is FRP (Factory Reset Protection)?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security mechanism designed to safeguard Android devices against unauthorized access. When you initially set up an Android device, it typically requires linking to a Google account. FRP comes into effect when someone attempts to restore the device to its factory settings without knowledge of the linked Google account details.

The primary objective of FRP is to prevent unwanted access to your device by demanding the original Google account information prior to allowing a reset. However, some individuals may encounter circumstances where they are locked out of their device due to forgotten Google account credentials or purchasing a second-hand device with FRP already active. In these scenarios, people might search for ways to bypass FRP to regain control of their devices.

Bypassing FRP often entails utilizing particular techniques or tools to evade the security measures established by the device maker. These approaches can vary based on the precise device and Android iteration. It is crucial to acknowledge that compromising FRP might be seen as breaching the device’s protection and could hold legal ramifications in certain regions.

To maintain the security of your device and hinder the necessity for FRP bypass, it’s advisable to use it responsibly and retain records of your Google account credentials. If you become locked out of your device, contacting either the device manufacturer or a proficient technician typically represents the most suitable solution to recover access.

What is Google Factory reset protection?

Google Factory reset protection is a new security patch developed by Google that keeps the user’s device safe in the unexpected event of a loss. The FRP bypass tool comes in handy at the time when a user has reset their Android phone but doesn’t remember their Google account password. So read our guide in order to know everything about the FRP Bypass APK tool and how to use it properly.

What is Google FRP Bypass APK?

As we told you earlier, Google Factory Reset Protection is the name of a security patch developed by Google. It helps to secure a device in the event of theft or unexpected loss. No one can easily do an FRP bypass because for that Google account access is required.

FRP bypass as a feature was first introduced for Samsung, LG, and a few other devices. It is a great security feature for accounts but it generates a lot of problems in case the user forgets their account password.

Filename FRP Bypass.APK
File size 1.2 MB
File type application/
File extension APK
Downloads 63526755
Version 2.0

Download the Easy FRP Bypass APK tool here

FRP ByPass APK guide: How to bypass Google Factory reset protection with ease

All modern Android phones and tablets running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above come with the FRP security patch. To successfully bypass the FRP lock on Android, our guide has a detailed walkthrough. Just follow the easy steps sequentially in order to do the FRP Bypass!

Please note that this method is not meant to be used if you are trying this on a device that you obtained through illegitimate means. Using our guide you would be able to bypass the Google FRP lock with ease, in case you lose your device or forget your account password.

For our first FRP bypass method, you would require a USB drive, OTG cable along a PC. Once these prerequisites are met, follow the steps below:

FRP Bypass method using OTG: FRP Bypass APK 2023

  1. Firstly, download the FRP Bypass APK from the official website. The download link has been given above in the post.
  2. Once you have a local copy of the APK, copy the FRP Bypass APK file to your USB drive.
  3. Now start the Android device on which the FRP error is present.
  4. A setup wizard would show up next, and follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.
  5. Once you encounter the bypass factory reset protection screen, enter your Google Account login credentials.
  6. But most probably you lost your phone or don’t remember the credentials so you would need to try something else.
  7. Now use the OTG cable and connect the USB pen drive to your Android smartphone.
  8. Now using File Explorer on your Android smartphone open the folder on your device where you saved the FRP Bypass APK.
  9. You might face issues during the installation process, your phone might block installation and you may encounter an “install from unknown source error”.
    Go to your smartphone settings and enable the unknown sources option.
  10. Once you are done tap the installation button and start the process again.
  11. After your installation is complete, click “open” it will open the settings menu.
  12. In the settings scroll down, and now select the “backup and reset option”. Tap on the “factory data reset” option and then click on the confirm button.

That was it for this method. You will successfully bypass Google Factory reset protection for your Android smartphone. Now restart your phone and there won’t be any FRP Bypass issues anymore. After restarting your phone you would be given the option to add a Google account of your choice or to skip it altogether.

FRP Bypass APK: Minimum Prerequisites and Requirements.

These are the minimum requirements that must be met in order to use the FRP Bypass APK on your smartphone.

Second Method: How to bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG easily

For the first method, an OTG cable along with FRP bypass APK is required. But this second method doesn’t involve using an OTG cable. Here we will use the FRP bypass tool. In order to use this one too, you need a working internet connection. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Turn on your Android smartphone. A setup wizard would appear.
  2. Follow the instructions on your screen, when the FRP bypass tool screen shows up open the device keyboard and tap on the settings option.
  3. Now tap on the menu button > help button > feedback button.
  4. After this type whatever you wish to write & choose the “share” option.
  5. When you are done choose the messaging option, after this create a new message and type any no. in the “to” section. Choose the number and then tap on the contacts icon.
  6. After this tap on the call icon button & hit the new call option. When the dial pad shows up type in *#*#4636#*#*
  7. After this tap on the usage statistics option and hit the back button. After this go to the settings menu.
  8. Now hit the “Backup and reset” option. Select the Factory data reset option and confirm.

That was it for this method. Now the Google account verification process has been circumvented by you using the FRP Bypass tool. We have attached the screenshots in our guide so that it’s easier to follow all the above-mentioned steps. We hope that the two methods listed above help you bypass Google factory reset protection on your device.

How to solve Custom Binary lock by FRP Fix?

When any user roots a Samsung device, a custom binary lock is automatically applied to it. This means that by default the FRP is activated. So you can’t access the phone’s custom recovery now. If you face this issue then follow the instructions given below. Make sure you have a working internet connection, PC, and Odin 3 downloaded and preinstalled. Now follow these steps:

  1. Firstly download the tool from this link. After doing so unzip it and install it.
  2. Now pick up your Samsung phone and hold the power button, home button, and volume keys at the same time.
  3. You would get a notification for a system software update. To go to the software updates option hold the volume up key for some time.
  4. Now start the Odin 3 tool and connect your Samsung smartphone to your PC.
  5. Once your smartphone is detected, select the zip files from the file you downloaded above.
  6. Now tap on the start button and the device software upgrade process will start. Once the process is done disconnect your phone and do a reboot.
  7. Do keep in mind that the system update process will take some time, so be patient and wait for it to complete.

Using the above method you would be able to unlock the factory reset protection lock. So that was it, your custom binary FRP lock issue would be fixed by this method.

List of FRP Bypass APK Tools Online

Here’s a comprehensive list of top working FRP bypass tools in 2023 list. Have a look:

Top FRP Bypass APK Methods for 2023

We also want to take a closer look at all the available FRP bypass methods for bypassing factory reset protection on an Android phone.

  1. Easily Bypass Factory Reset Protection through Serial/TCP Terminal
  2. Bypass Factory Reset Protection with Quick Shortcut Maker Method
  3. Bypass Factory Reset Protection With Odin
  4. Sidesync Method Bypass Factory Reset Protection
  5. Flash Method Bypass Factory Reset Protection
  6. Bypass Factory Reset Protection Using the account login method

Here’s a video tutorial to help you fix Google Account verification/FRP lock bypass easily

FAQs about FRP Bypass APK and usage

In the below section, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions related to the FRP Bypass APK tool and other things. Read on to know more.

Is FRP Bypass APK a paid app or free to use?

The FRP Bypass APK and tool are completely free for usage. You don’t need to pay anything to anyone in order to use it.  There are no subscription fees or hidden charges for this app.

Is the FRP Bypass APK application only for Samsung smartphones or can I use it on all Android phones?

The FRP Bypass APK Android app can be used on all Android smartphones. It’s compatible with a lot of Android devices hence it might run on yours too.

Is it safe to use the FRP Bypass APK app?

Yes, using the FRP Bypass APK tool is completely safe as well as free. You should have no concerns while using it.

Do I need a top-of-the-line Android smartphone to use FRP Bypass APK for Android?

The specification requirements of the FRP bypass APK Android app are really low. So this app will run even on low-end Android smartphones. In our guide, we covered all of the methods you can use to do FRP Bypass.

Can ChatGPT help me in doing FRP Bypass?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a generative AI tool that is used for n number of purposes these days but one of the major things researchers and people like us love to do is to get it to help us in things like these.

So, if you ask ChatGPT for help regarding FRP Bypass it will straight away refuse to do so stating ethical issues and risks related to the same. Also due to the fact that trying to bypass FRP might be straight away illegal in some jurisdictions.

Disclaimer: Always proceed at your own risk. We or the people at Inspire2Rise won’t be liable for any damages arising from wrongful implementation of the same.

You can also use the FRP Bypass tool for Android smartphones in order to fix your problem. So download the FRP Bypass APK right away and get rid of factory reset protection issues with ease!

If you face any issues or need any help do let us know in the comments section below!

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