Fujifilm X-E4 mirrorless camera specifications and price, launched in India!

Fujifilm India launches X-E4 the newest addition to the X series range of Mirrorless Cameras in India

  • The compact and lightweight mirrorless digital camera for X Series comes equipped with the fourth-generation sensor and image processing engine.
  • A classically-designed camera body features fast and accurate AF as fast as 0.02 seconds.
  • Delivers high-quality image with proprietary colour reproduction with its comfortable operability.

Fujifilm India Private Limited, a pioneer in imaging technologies, announced its innovation; the FUJIFILM X-E4 in its flagship X series range of mirrorless digital cameras. The latest model to join the X-Series of compact and lightweight digital cameras is known for delivering superior image quality with the company’s proprietary colour reproduction technology.

Designed to help create more memories while carrying less, the Fujifilm X-E4 is the most compact and lightweight of all mirrorless digital cameras equipped with the Series’ fourth-generation image sensor and image processing engine. The beautiful camera body in a classical design carries fast and accurate autofocus (AF) as fast as 0.02 seconds. It boasts exceptional operability, producing high-quality images with the company’s proprietary colour reproduction technology. This new camera addresses the need for a wide range of lifestyles and situations, making it a perfect choice for those who want to carry a camera around anywhere and anytime to enjoy photo shootings of advanced quality.

The compact X-E4 has been designed with a classical body that features the 26.1MP “X-Trans™ CMOS 4”*2 sensors and the high-speed “X-Processor 4” image processing engine, which are also featured in models including the X Series’ flagship model “FUJIFILM X-T4.” It comes equipped with a fast and accurate AF that can attain focus in as fast as 0.02 seconds, ensuring that users capture decisive photo opportunities. Delivering diverse photographic expressions with Fujifilm’s Film Simulation modes, replicating the colours and tones characteristic of the company’s films such as the photographic film “Velvia” and the motion picture film “ETERNA.” Users can take advantage of excellent colour reproducibility, nurtured for more than 80 years, to enjoy high-quality photography with ease thanks to exceptional operability attributable to features such as the LCD monitor that can be flipped upward to 180 degrees and the Shutter Speed Dial.

Commenting on the launch Mr Arun Babu, General Manager Electronic Imaging and Optical Device, Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd, said, 

“It is our constant endeavour to offer the most intriguing photography experience to our consumers with our range of mirrorless digital cameras. With our latest innovation of Fujifilm X-E4 mirrorless camera, we are offering a fun-to-use and compact photographic companion to our customers. Our X-E4 is a lightweight and the smallest X-mount camera that encourages one to keep it around with them wherever they go. We have designed this camera to offer utmost convenience with handling and operability resulting in exceptional image quality for all kinds of lifestyle photography.”

Further adding to the photographic experience, Fujifilm has announced the launch of two new lenses today – FUJINON XF27mmF2.8 R WR and FUJINON XF70-300mmF4-5.6 R LM OIS WR today. This new addition to the lineup of interchangeable XF lenses designed for X Series of mirrorless digital cameras to provide a compact lightweight design and outstanding image quality with Fujifilm’s proprietary colour reproduction technology and further offer image-makers with a broad range of focal lengths between 70mm and 300mm with XF70-300mmF4-5.6 R LM OIS WR portable telephoto zoom lens.

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fujifilm xe4 mirrorless camera

The XF27mmF2.8 R WR is a standard prime lens with a focal length of 27mm (equivalent to 41mm in the 35mm format). It offers an outstanding resolution in a compact design. The dust and weather-resistant structure provide durability and the aperture ring offers excellent operability so that users can enjoy high-quality photography in a wide range of shooting scenes including snapshots, portraits, and landscape photography. On the other hand, XF70-300mmF4-5.6 R LM OIS WR is a lightweight design lens with a fast linear motor for autofocus, up to 5.5-stops of optical image stabilization, and weather-resistance.

The Fujifilm X-E4 priced at INR 74,999 along with the two lenses FUJINON XF27mmF2.8 R WR and FUJINON XF70-300mmF4-5.6 R LM OIS WR are now available across India.

X-E4 Body?74,999
X-E4 with 27mm F2.8  lens?91,999
XF27mmF2.8 ??36,999
X-E4 with Accessories?83,999

*1 Including a battery and a memory card.

*2 X-Trans is a trademark or a registered trademark of Fujifilm

Product features:

(1) Compact and lightweight camera body in a stunning design

  • The rear LCD monitor can be stored flush in the back panel. The result is the most compact (W121.3mm x H72.9mm x D32.7mm) and most lightweight (approximately 364g) model among mirrorless digital cameras equipped with the X Series’ fourth-generation image sensor and image processing engine. It can be carried anywhere in a bag for outstanding portability.
  • The top panel is made of magnesium, a highly rigid metal that is difficult to process. The use of a high-precision mold has led to sharp and streamlined edges. Both the front and rear grips are flat to create a beautifully classic design that reminds the traditional film cameras.
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(2) Equipped with the latest image sensor and image processing engine

  • The X-E4 is equipped with the back-illuminated 26.1MP “X-Trans™ CMOS 4” sensor with on-sensor phase detection pixels as well as the “X-Processor 4” high-speed image processing engine to enable fast AF as fast as 0.02 seconds. This ensures users capture decisive moments, making it a powerful tool for snapshots.
  • The camera features a highly accurate tracking AF system, capable of accurately tracking a subject that is moving either toward the camera or away from the camera. Its exceptional Face / Eye Detection AF function keeps a moving subject’s face/eyes in focus, allowing users to focus on framing while shooting.
  • The AF system can operate in low light conditions, even in near darkness at -7.0EV*3, attaining an accurate focus in poorly-lit indoors.
  • *3 The minimum AF luminance of -7.0EV is achieved when the camera is mounted with the FUJINON Lens XF50mmF1.0 R WR.

(3) Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulation for diverse photo expressions

  • The X-E4 offers a total of 18 modes in Fujifilm’s proprietary Film Simulation function, including the vivid and high-contrast “Velvia” and high-contrast yet low-saturation “ETERNA Bleach Bypass,” which simulates the “bleach bypass”*4 darkroom technique to produce a solemn atmosphere. Users can pick and choose different styles to suit a subject or shooting scene as if to remove and insert a different roll of photographic film. Colors and tonal effects can be checked on the LCD monitor or the viewfinder, contributing to the shortening time required for post-processing.
  • *4 One of the processing techniques for developing photographic films.

(4) Superior operability

  • The X-E4 features a tilting rear LDC monitor, accommodating various shooting styles, from high and low angles. The monitor can be flipped 180 degrees upwards for easy self-portrait.
  • The top panel of the camera body has the Shutter Speed Dial, allowing users to check the shutter speed setting without having to turn the camera on and smoothly move on to the next shots. This camera’s Shutter Speed Dial newly features the Program (P) position, in which the camera automatically chooses the optimum combination of shutter speed and aperture settings to take high-quality images with ease.
  • The functions offered by the rear dial in the current model, FUJIFILM X-E3, are reassigned to the front dial to secure enough space for resting the thumb when holding the camera for comfort and streamlined operation.
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(5) Extensive video-recording functions

  • The X-E4 generates 4K video from the amount of data equivalent to 6K to ensure the footage is in high resolution with low noise. It supports recording 4K/30P video at 8-bit 4:2:0 onto an SD card inserted in the camera, and outputting 4K/30P video at 10-bit 4:2:2, containing greater color information, via the HDMI port.
  • The camera is also capable of high-speed Full-HD recording at 240fps, producing up to 10x slow-motion footage of a split-second motion of a fast-moving subject.

Optional accessories:

(1) Handgrip “MHG-XE4” (designed specifically for the X-E4)

This metal hand grip makes it substantially more comfortable to hold the camera. It helps reduce camera shake when shooting with a large-aperture lens. The camera’s battery or SD card can be replaced without having to remove the handgrip.

(2) Thumb rest “TR-XE4” (designed specifically for the X-E4)

This metal thumb-resting grip is installed at the top part of the camera body, providing a thumb rest for a firm grip. The part where the thumb comes in contact is coated with rubber non-slip strip to control the camera shake even when shooting with one hand. Users can rotate camera dials without having to remove the TR-XE4, offering operating comfort and enhanced grip at the same time. It is available in black or silver to match the colour variations of the X-E4.

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Fujifilm X-E4 mirrorless camera specifications and price, launched in India!

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