Funny Facebook cover photos

Some funny Facebook cover photos. Collection of the day.

These funny Facebook cover photos are just made for you, our dear users. Go adorn your timeline with these beautiful cover pictures. Yes, you have the full bragging rights, because you got it from We don’t own the copyright to all of these pictures. But would that stop us? I guess no. Share and spread . Make your timeline and your Facebook profile stand out from the crowd.

 (Funny Facebook cover photos ) In case you don't know the dimensions of a Facebook timeline cover picture are - 851*315 PX.
funny Facebook cover photos
Don’t you get it!
funny Facebook cover photos
Go search somewhere else!

Funny Facebook cover photos.Yeah, I know. We all hate those shitty people who send us annoying game requests. Talking about this, I remember a particular friend of mine who almost made me crazy. He sent me over 20+ Texas Hold’em poker and Farmville requests in a single day. And you thought that your friends are horrible. 😛

An awesome 404 user not found error page funny Facebook cover photos snap for you.

funny Facebook cover photos
Why do we fall? So that we can learn to.Rise.
funny Facebook cover photos
Yeah Bitch, I am the geek!’s official facebook cover photo. Well if you are such a great fan of ours and want to promote us then do make it your cover picture.

funny Facebook cover photos
Hell yeah!

The evolution of man geek. – Another funny Facebook cover photos snap for all our members. Well this is truly retrograde evolution in action!

“I will win. Not immediately, but Definitely!” Inspire2rise official motivational cover picture just for you.


funny Facebook cover photos
Tell me it’s not true!

Oh my god! A hilarious OMG funny Facebook cover photos snap just for you.

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Funny Facebook cover photos

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