Garmin’s NEO 3M: New Dynamic Cycling Platform for Real Road Feel

Garmin launches NEO 3M cycling platform, offering enhanced real road feel simulation and training across diverse terrains

Garmin has announced the release of the new NEO 3M Dynamic Bicycle Riding Platform today.

This latest model includes an oscillating platform and a virtual inertia flywheel, which together with an upgraded innovative braking system, are claimed to offer a “real road feel,” simulating various road types and inclines.

This model is priced at 14,990 RMB, though it is not yet available on e-commerce platforms.


The riding platform supports both forward and backward movements, allowing cyclists to train more effectively and naturally. This functionality of the oscillating platform can be turned on or off as needed.

Garmin emphasizes the “real road feel simulation” enabled by the virtual inertia flywheel, which replicates riding on different surfaces such as cobblestone or gravel roads.

This feature is designed to aid cyclists in training across diverse terrains.

rocking board

The riding platform also supports simulation of up to a 25-degree incline, enabling users to experience various uphill challenges and the exhilaration of downhill rides.

inertial riding

Additionally, it adjusts the riding feel based on the cyclist’s weight, speed, and chosen slope to simulate inertia.

Specifications include an 11-speed flywheel, with a maximum power of 2200 watts, allowing intense riding sessions. The precision of power, speed, and cadence measurements is reported to be within a 1% variance.

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Garmin’s NEO 3M: New Dynamic Cycling Platform for Real Road Feel

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